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The girls and I are in Ottawa for a little visit and a wedding. So nice to visit this beautiful city where both girls were born, we called home for many years and have so many cherished friends and family. Today I continued my marathon training by going for a run along the canal. It was gorgeous.   

Here are the observations I made as I was counting down the miles:

Thank you Ottawa for the following:

  • Clean restrooms
  • Nice humidity free weather that is 20 degrees cooler than NYC
  • A relatively flat pathway
  • Sporadic water fountains 
  • Beautiful scenery 
  • The polite head nods and hearty good mornings from other runners
  • Courteous cyclists who share the pathway
  • Clear running pathways
  • Free parking 

The only downside I noticed is that the leaves are already starting to turn. Eeek! 

Nice to be back for a visit and good to enjoy the beauty of the Nation’s Capitol. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!



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When I think of the word courage, I think of strength, endurance, overcoming obstacles, perseverance, determination and fiercely moving forward when it would be much easier to give up. 

Yesterday my new bracelet from Miles arrived. It is called Courage from his #B!TCHBR@CELTZ line. I love it. 

When I wear it on my wrist it is a gentle reminder that “I’ve got this” and that I am stronger than I think I am. We all need a little reminder that we are fierce and powerful. #ROARB!TCHZ

Thanks Miles! Please head on over to his website to see all of the other amazing bracelet options and inspiring words to live by on livewhereulive.com

Happy Wednesday! Be gentle, be kind and remember- courage my friends πŸ˜€

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I feel like I have been incredibly lucky this summer to find myself in some of the most beautiful places in the U.S. New Hampshire is absolutely gorgeous- the lakes, mountains, trees, charming towns and spectacular sunsets. I am feeling grateful to have the time to hang out, read, relax and explore before I pick up the girls from camp on Saturday. The summer days are fleeting, hang on to them and enjoy every moment. πŸ’œ


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It’s hot and sticky, reading the newspaper is depressing, overheated people in the city are grouchy, I miss my girls, sometimes you wake up a little blue…

And then you walk down the street and see these two cuties deep in conversation, heads almost touching. My heart lifted, I couldn’t help but smile. Thank you littles, whoever you are. It’s the little things. 

Happy Wednesday my friends πŸ’œ


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I am currently all comfy on the Jitney heading to the Hamptons. After five years in the City, I am finally taking the road trip. Thank goodness for quiet air conditioned buses. I am already relaxed and leaving the heat and hustle of NYC behind me…

Happy Wednesday my friends, I hope the summer is treating you all well. 😎 


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I can’t believe that my baby turns 10 today. Double digits. Time sure does fly. Some days you just want to hold on to the little moments and never let go. I know she will be having an amazing time as she celebrates at camp today. Wishing my fabulous, fierce, independent, strong, big hearted Roo a wonderful birthday!!! We love you πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ 



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It’s that time of year again where the countdown to camp is real- 4 more sleeps!!! The apartment has been transformed into piles of items and things are being dutifully crossed off the packing list. We (or should I say I??!!) are almost done. The kids sweet reward is four weeks of paradise outside of the city. The adult reward is four child free weeks πŸ˜€ A win- win situation. Although I will definitely miss my two “not so little monkeys”, I am looking forward to a little peace and quiet or not… depending on my mood 😜 

Happy Wednesday my friends. I hope you are all enjoying your own little summer paradise, whatever/wherever it may be. Cheers!


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