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Being a mom in NYC, what’s it really like? I came across this question the other day when skimming the internet for something else and it kind of jumped out at me and stayed with me for the day. Is being a mom in Manhattan really that different than being a mom in any other North American city? Well hello, of course it is, this is NYC and well, isn’t that what my entire blog is about?! But still, it got me thinking. As my regular readers know I have lived in the Bright Lights and Big City for just over a year, having moved from the suburbs of Ottawa, Canada. And of course, our life has changed significantly but I started to reflect on my life as a mother, how had that changed? Was being a mom in Manhattan really any different than being a mom in Ottawa? Were the every day pressures and chaos the same?

The answer is a complicated one. Being a mother is a damn hard job, we all know that. Is it harder in Manhattan? I think the answer is yes and no. This island is one hell of a competitive place. Add to that the accelerated pace, the difficulties of actually getting into an overcrowded public school, the few judgmental mommies on the playground, the desire to want what is best for your child and navigating the city itself and some days can be pretty overwhelming. On the positive side, the plethora of activities, opportunities and learning experiences for children in this city are second to none.

Fundamentally though, the pressures of mommy hood are universal. Instead of carpooling, I take kids back and forth on the subway, play dates are held in local parks instead of backyards, the insanity of making lunches and helping with homework remains the same. Manhattan families are just like any other families, we juggle schedules, argue, strive for balance and look for ways to ease up on the pressures we put on ourselves and our kids. And yes, sometimes this can be a little harder in a city that prides itself on never sleeping.

It is too easy to get caught up in the crazy no matter what city you live in. Surround yourself with supportive people, don’t forget to breathe and always know where the closest Starbucks and Wine Bar in your neighborhood are 😉 Have a great weekend!

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