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Today is Wednesday and I haven’t really been out and about too much to take any interesting pics. Instead I am going to share a recent purchase. I saw this fridge magnet the other day and was drawn to the words on it “Be Kind. No Exceptions.” The magnet is now on our fridge and I have decided that as I move through the city and interact with numerous strangers on a daily basis, that I am going to try extra hard to choose kindness instead of the other easy reactionary emotions- impatience, anger and frustration. I will also try this with my loved ones too, I am sure they will appreciate it 😉 It seems like such a simple thing, yet we are quick to judge and react negatively especially when times are stressful and rushed. I am going to work on it. I will let you know how it goes. If anything, I think it will give me more moments of peace in the day. Happy Wednesday and Happy Hump 🙂 xox


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