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Today I am dedicating my Wordless Wednesday post to my high school friend Colleen and her two daughters. All three are BIG foodies and are especially fond of dessert. Also, Colleen has been tempting me to buy cake all week with little nudges on twitter and Facebook. So, Colleen (and A & P), here are a few pics from our most recent trip to Carlos Bakery in Hoboken, home of Buddy Valastro, the Cake Boss. We ventured to Carlos Bakery last week during winter break and sampled a few of the goodies. Too bad the Lobster Tails would not survive the trip to Saskatchewan 😉 Enjoy the pics, better viewed with a cup of cappuccino. Buon Appetito!

Waiting to go in!





And more cakes!!!

Or a cupcake?


The Valastro Familia

Happy Customers =)

The Manhattan Skyline from Hoboken

Beautiful day for a visit.

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I am not a big fan of reality t.v. I have never watched a full season of American Idol and shows like The Bachelor/Bachelorette make me run and open a good book. Don’t even get me started on my thoughts about Jersey Shore… So, it is a bit strange that the latest program that I am hooked on is The Cake Boss on TLC. I seem to have developed a bit of a crush on Buddy and his whole passionate Italian family and co-workers. Unlike other reality t.v., there is something incredibly genuine about this show and the people in it. I love the real relationships, emotions and I have to admit, I am fascinated by the amazing artistic masterpieces (cakes) that they create each week.

So, I decided that my latest adventure would be to Hoboken, New Jersey to visit the very bakery itself. Why? Well, why not is the better question. I figured that we lived so close that it would be a perfect opportunity to make a little day trip out of it and go and see what all of those incredible pastries, cookies and cakes would look like in real life 😉 I persuaded two of my friends Meilan and Cass to go with me and so this past Friday we embarked on our little journey to Carlos City Hall Bake Shop.

After a little bit of confusion in the Madison Square Garden/Penn Station area we eventually found the PATH train to New Jersey and hopped on for the quick 15 minute commute to Hoboken, NJ.

The PATH train to New Jersey leaving 33rd St.

Once we arrived in Hoboken, we made our way to the main street in town, Washington Street. It was pretty easy to figure out where Carlo’s Bake Shop was as there was already a nice little line forming in front of the bakery. It was a glorious morning and the afternoon temps promised to be in the 70’s!! A perfect day to stand on line and people watch. There seemed to be people from all over the US and various parts of the world (even Canada!) waiting to get in. The locals were used to the crowds and largely ignored the ever increasing line. Although, one cute young gentlemen did offer to help us jump the queue by going in with him. Apparently if you have a driver’s license that shows you are local you get to go to the head of the line. Nice perk! We politely declined as we wanted to get the “full” experience.

Cass, Me and Meilan waiting patiently =)

Carlos City Hall Bake Shop

Window Display

Wow, every little girl's fantasy cake!

We are almost in!!!

After waiting on line for about 50 minutes, we entered the bakery where you are immediately overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle as well as all of the delicious smells and sights to behold. We were a little worried that we would not have time to figure out what we wanted but soon realized that it would be a bit of a wait before our number was actually called. It was quite the experience just watching the women and men behind the counter package pastries, cakes and cookies. To say that they are efficient is a huge understatement. The only down side is that it is still very crowded in the shop making it difficult to see all of the amazing displays. We quickly assessed the situation, figured out our order and then like true New Yorker’s (!) found a spot to wait for our number to be called and watched the organized chaos and insanity unfold. Living in Manhattan and dealing with deli lines at Zabar’s and Fairway helps to prepare you for situations like these. We were a lot calmer than most!

Beautiful Cakes

On display in the bakery

Lots to look at while you are waiting

My favorite!

Working their magic

Decisions, decisions...

20 minutes later it was time to place our order. Together we purchased 6 cupcakes, 5 brownies, 24 cookies, 1 lobster tail, a cannoli and a mug. Truly, a successful visit. The lobster tail (thanks for the tip, Whit!) made all of the standing in line worth it, it was OMG good! Overall, it was a great experience, we even had a couple of brushes with fame or reality t.v. as they came in to shoot a small segment while we were waiting and I was able to get a photo op with Buddy’s gracious sisters.

TLC filming Mauro in the bake shop

Me, Maddalena and Grace

After our bake shop experience we continued down Washington Street to find a place for lunch. We enjoyed a lovely Italian meal and excellent conversation. As we headed back to the train in the early afternoon sunlight we passed the bake shop again. The line had tripled in size! By my estimation people would be waiting for approximately three hours, just to get in!! I am not sure if I would be that dedicated. Although, that lobster tail was pretty delicious…

The day was a wonderful mini escape from the city with some fabulous friends, I am already planning our next adventure 😉 Also, we were definitely the most popular moms on the playground with our batch of cookies to share. Will I be going back soon? Well, the thing is, my oldest daughter has started to watch “The Cake Boss” with me and has decided that she would like a Carlos Bake Shop cake for her next birthday. Uh oh. I can only imagine the cake that she is dreaming up. I think we had better go back to watching “Phineaus and Ferb”!!

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