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This past Saturday in NYC the weather was truly spectacular. Spring was definitely in the air and it was a glorious day to be outside celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. Matti was here visiting and we decided to take advantage of the day by taking the girls to the Central Park Zoo, watch a bit of the St. Patty’s Day parade and simply meandering through Central Park. It was the perfect, relaxing weekend day in Manhattan. Here are some of the pics. Hope you enjoy!

Proudly wearing our different shades of green =)

Peeking out over 5th Avenue to check out the parade.

Look at me!!

A beautiful day to be strolling in the park.

Love how the buildings frame the picture.

Starting to bloom.

Park bench beauties 😉

At the Central Park Zoo.

Pathway through the Park.


Boathouse Beauty.

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It is hard to believe that October will soon be drawing to an end. The back to school and fall season is turning into a blur. We have had numerous activities, fun adventures, visiting friends and of course the day to day insanity of work, school and life in general.  Oh, and living in Manhattan does not help, there is a constant pull to just keep moving at the frenetic pace of the city. Sometimes I have to remind myself to just pause and take a deep breath. Wooosaaa! This past weekend we had vowed to catch up on a little bit of family time and also to try and find some time to chillax and I think we managed to find a nice balance.

On Friday R and I dropped off A at her band rehearsal and instead of jumping back on the crowded rush hour train we decided that we were going to walk home. It is at times like these when I realize that my little munchkins are becoming true New Yorker’s. She walked 50 blocks and didn’t complain, even once. Although, she did insist that we stop at the Disney store as our walk took us through Times Square 😉 Every time I am able to really walk the city I find myself falling in love with New York all over again. Pounding the pavement and seeing all the sights at street level is where you really feel connected to the energy, people and places of NYC.

R doing "tree" pose in Times Square

Saturday started off with our usual “bagel in pajamas” breakfast followed by an afternoon at Chelsea Piers where the girls take classes. Both Ron and I were able to fit in a morning run in perfect sunny and cool weather. The girls had a blast at their classes, especially A who had the opportunity to skate this week. She did her Canadian roots proud as she glided (fairly gracefully) across the rink.

Skating at Chelsea Piers under the Canadian and American Flag!

Rink Rat 😉

On Saturday night we had a wonderful time re-uniting with cherished friends from the ‘Creek who were visiting NYC. We had many drinks, tons of laughs and one hell of a good time. We started off with drinks at the Whiskey Park Bar and then made our way to Tolani Wine Bar where we shared incredible food and perhaps a bit more wine 😉 It was a great evening and I loved seeing some much loved peeps from Ottawa!!

Nina, Me & Jane =)

Andre, Dennis and Ron... don't ask!!

So, even though we may have been moving a wee bit slow on Sunday morning, after some strong caffeine, all was good. Ron headed off to the Jets game so the girls and I decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and headed to Central Park. We paused and relaxed in Sheep’s Meadow, strolled through the Central Park Zoo and tried out various East Side playgrounds. The weather was spectacular and we had a great day. Sunday evening was time for snuggles and reading. Absolutely perfect.

A perfect day for handstands in the park!

Sea Lion

Sisters 😉

Beauty at the Zoo

Fall in Central Park

The Boathouse

It was truly both a restful and fun weekend. Working on that whole life balance thing is well, a work in progress. Every once in awhile you just have to stop and take a stroll… Have a great day my friends!!

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