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Yesterday we lost a dear furry family member, the beloved Bogie. He was almost 14 years old and to be honest it will be hard to imagine our family without him, he has been such a cherished part of it for so long. We have been comforted by all the kind words from friends and family. Thank you, it really does mean so much. One thing is for sure, that dog sure did touch a lot of lives 😉 Good-bye Bo-man, you will be missed by many but we know that you are at peace. I am hoping that doggie heaven consists of steak dinners and many games of frisbee and Kong. Here are few pics from throughout the years. We love you Bogie.

Handsome Dude

Throw the Kong, Throw the Kong, Throw the…

Someone to watch over me

Ron and Bogie

Sandra, A & B

Sometimes you just need someone to lean on

You got a puppy, really??!!


Bo & Do take Manhattan

Well earned retirement

You will be missed xox

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