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This past weekend we decided that we wanted a little change of pace and scenery and embarked on a little day trip outside of NYC.  After conversing with some old time New Yorkers and checking out the MTA website our decision was made and we planned our trip to South Norwalk, Connecticut. We started off the day by having a delicious brunch at Pershing Square (just outside of Grand Central Station) and then we headed on over to the train station to catch our train to South Norwalk. After a quick one hour trip we arrived at the quaint waterfront town and walked to the Maritime Aquarium. As a family we had a blast exploring the aquarium and watching the IMAX movie on Sharks. Before heading back to the city we ate dinner at a very cool local Brewhouse pub. The trip was entirely stress free and enjoyable. A perfect escape and some much needed family time. I am already on the lookout for our next family adventure!

Pershing Square Restaurant

The interior of Pershing Square (super yummy breaky!!)

Pershing Square's cool location under the bridge outside of Grand Central Station

Excited sisters!

Walking the streets of South Norwalk (bit different than Manhattan)


Love the buildings/storefronts

Maritime Aquarium


Pretty striped fish (?)

Captain of the Boat

Catch of the Day!

The Brewhouse Pub

Interior of the Brewhouse

More Brewhouse...

Home Sweet Home (Grand Central Station)

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