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One of the things that I have loved about moving to NYC is all of the amazing experiences that our children are exposed to and are able to be involved in. Our oldest daughter has always had aspirations to be “famous”. She loves to perform and her future plans since she learned to walk and talk have gone something like this: “Mommy, when I grow up I want to be an astronaut, rockstar, actor, teacher, okay?”. Um, okay, sounds like she will be busy. This school year she has been involved in an amazing extra-curricular program with Stephen Jacobs and Kids Creative called Come Join the Band where kids and pro musicians form bands together creating and playing both original and professional music. She LOVES it. Through this program she has been able to write songs, sing and begin to play both the guitar and keyboard. One of the coolest things about this program is that they meet and work in professional sound studios in midtown. How cool is that? I am alway scoping the people on the elevator for famous types or future famous types 😉

My little rockstar!

This past weekend, all six of the bands had there very first “gig” at the Bowery Poetry Club. A real pub! Now, it was a Sunday afternoon and I think Ron was the only one that had a beer but that aside, the venue was extremely cool and the bands rocked it out like true professionals. For their next show they are working on selling merchandise and they even have their own website, Come Join The Band.  The whole experience is beyond awesome and I was one proud rocker mom =)

The "Let's Go" Band

As I sat in the audience I was a little bit starstruck by the incredible children on stage, my fearless daughter and once again by NYC, the city that never ceases to amaze with it’s opportunity, wonder, energy and rockin’ attitude.

You GO girl!!

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