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So, now we are fish people. Or better yet we are learning to become fish people. There is a tank in our apartment and it contains fish, six fish on last count. Miraculously we have not “lost” any yet.

Our latest addition

How did this come to happen, you might ask? I mean I have always been very adamant that I would never have a pet in the house that required cleaning of it’s cage/home. And yet we are now the proud owners of fish. Huh. Let’s just say that R can be extremely persuasive 🙂

It all started sometime after Christmas when the youngest started becoming fascinated by all living things in the water. She loved fish, the ocean, visiting aquariums etc. Then the asking started “Mom, dad, can I get a fish?”. The initial answer was no, but she continued to ask and then one day when my defenses were low, I said that MAYBE she could get a fish for her birthday. After all, July seemed a long, long way away. This answer seemed acceptable and the “can I get…” question stopped. I thought she had forgotten.

Of course she didn’t forget, children NEVER forget! In June the question started again and then in another moment of weakness (or insanity) Ron and I decided that it might actually be a good present and that we would look into it when we returned to NYC from our trip.

The minute we returned home, R asked about the fish. What could we do, it WAS her birthday present?? We could put it off no longer. My one caveat was that we would get the aquarium from an actual fish store where people could answer my numerous questions. I was actually a bit terrified about the whole process, since I knew nothing about the care of little friends from the water. I wanted to avoid the pimply teenage kid at the big box pet store cockily telling me that owning a fish was no big deal and convincing me to get a pet shark 😉

In the end we found an incredible place on the Upper West Side called Fauna. I cannot recommend this place enough. Daniel patiently spent a couple of hours with us answering my numerous questions about fish, care, water etc. I came out calm and reassured and actually excited about our fish tank. The two young guys who installed the tank were professional and thorough again taking the time to answer my questions.

Fauna- 87th @ Broadway

The amazing guys from Fauna setting up the tank

The fish have been a great addition to the apartment. Although I have to admit  that I sometimes stop and nervously count to make sure all six are still swimming and that no one is floating on the top 😉 The girls have creatively named them- Squirmy, Red Rose, Swim Swim, Shiny, Chocolate Chip and Buttercup.

R feeding the fish =)

The verdict is still out on which pets are easier to look after in Manhattan- two big dogs or an aquarium of little fish, I will keep you posted 😉 In the meantime, just keep swimming…

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