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Well, December is here and the insanity of the silly season has arrived. I sit here writing this after just returning from a trip to Target (the suburban woman in me LOVES Target) where I went a little hog wild with the buying… Do we really need Phineas and Ferb bandaids, holiday soap and tree shaped chocolate peanut butter treats??!! You’re right, we do need the chocolate peanut butter treats πŸ˜‰ And truly it wasn’t really my fault, I went with my good friend Rachel who has a CAR. I wasn’t restricted by how much I had to carry on my own or schlep from the subway, bus or taxi. It was awesome, we loaded dozens of bags into the trunk, from the cart and when I got home the doorman helped me with them into the elevator. Sweet! I know, I know, my Ottawa friends are not truly grasping the true beauty of the trunk πŸ˜‰

But I digress, what I really wanted to say in this post is that Manhattan during the holidays is truly a magical place. It is hard to be stressed, grumpy or down when there are so many twinkling, shiny lights surrounding you. WAIT… isn’t it the same the rest of the year too? Well, yes, but there is also a festive spirit in the air and the hustle and bustle seems somewhat nicer or maybe I am just projecting… There are decorations in the store front windows, apartment buildings have put up Christmas trees, wreaths and Menorahs. If you can get past the commercialism of the huge “SALE” signs the spirit of joy, happiness, peace and goodwill towards others is there.

The Beautiful Tree At Bryant Park

Ron is traveling like crazy this month so we took the time this weekend to put up our own decorations, pick out a tree from our local guy on the corner (he has been at that spot for 30 years!!) and trim the tree. I love how the apartment looks, so cozy and inviting. I can’t help but get wrapped up in the imagination and excitement of our children. I too am counting down the days although I am missing out on the chocolate from the advent calendar. What I love most about this time of year is the way everyone seems to just take a couple of extra moments to remember what they are truly thankful for and to spend time with family and friends. I say, bring it on!

Two Goofballs Trimming A Tree!


Putting On The Star

Our Cozy Sanctuary

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