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A & R all dressed up waiting to see "Anything Goes" on Broadway

This past weekend was a mommy and her girls weekend. Ron was back in Ottawa celebrating a good friend’s 40th so the girls and I decided that we would have a fun few days hanging out together without any boys (Bogie and Dopey don’t count). On Friday while the oldest was at her after school activity the youngest and I fuelled up on cupcakes and went gift shopping for a baby shower that three of us would be attending later on in the weekend. R and I had lots of fun exploring the latest trends, gadgets and fashions for society’s tiniest. To be honest, I can’t believe all of the cool things that they have now. The beautiful strollers were on display similar to cars in a dealer’s showroom. Pretty impressive and pretty pricey.  My wallet is very glad those days are behind me 😉  R and I had tons of fun picking out the perfect present for our soon to be little friend.

On Saturday we woke up and as per our weekend tradition, ate bagels while the girls watched cartoons and I read the paper. Now, I have to admit, I am pretty spoiled and much prefer when Ron is home and is the one who takes the dogs out on the weekend and picks up the bagels on the way home. But, the girls insisted on bagels, so, we had bagels =) The rest of the day was spent at Chelsea Piers where the girls did their sporty activities while I sat on my butt and read my book. Ahhh… peace. That evening we did one of our favorite things- we ordered in dinner, snuggled on the couch and watched a movie. Our girlie movie choice was the Disney flick “Prom”. It was a perfectly fluffy movie with a mild love story and a lot of hype about getting ready for a pretty tame prom. All in all a fine choice. I love that R asked “What is so special about Prom anyway”? Not really sure she got the point of the movie. Actually not really sure what the point of the movie was… 😉

Yesterday, Sunday, was a very special day for the girls. We went and saw”Uncle Bobby” Robert Creighton in the Broadway show “Anything Goes”.  He is currently playing the role of “Moonface” Martin and we wanted to make sure that we saw him in this incredible part. The girls were beyond excited as they bounded off the subway and we made our way to the theatre. I was extremely proud of both of them as they behaved perfectly, swept away by the magic of the show. They loved seeing Uncle Bobby and laughed each time he came on stage. R loved all the little bits of funny going on while A stated afterwards that “you have to watch the actors if you want to be an actor”- uh oh, I think that girl really is destined for the stage. After the show we were able to go backstage where the girls toured the wig room, checked out the dressing rooms and were able to see all of the cool props and costumes. Such a wonderful afternoon.

The girls and Uncle Bobby on the steps of the SS American

And I was there too 😉

After the show we headed on over to the baby shower for the soon to be little RJ. It was a fairly grown up affair and everyone was tired (well, Mommy was!!) so we didn’t stay too long. But the girls had a lot of fun making unique onesies and practicing their manners by wandering around and mingling through the people. Best of all, they were able to bring home cookies and blue foil kisses that said “it’s a boy!”.

The girls making onesies for baby RJ

So, together the girls and I had a wonderful weekend. And, as I tucked them in last night, telling them how proud of them I was and how much fun we had together, they agreed that it was a great time. We exchanged kisses and I love yous and just as I was about to close the door I heard this:  “When is daddy coming home?” and from the other one “I miss daddy!”. I shut the door and couldn’t help but smile. I missed their daddy too, especially in the morning when the dogs need to go out!!! 😉

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