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Yesterday my girlfriend from Ottawa, Nina, texted me to let me know that the house that we lived in before me moved to NYC was for sale. Her exact text was “It’s a sign! Your house is up for sale. Time to move back home.” I laughed and responded that she needed to send me the link as I needed to stalk the pictures. And I immediately went online to check out our once beloved home.

When I saw the pics, I had to admit my first thought was “Holy crap, that is a lot of snow and thank God I do not have to shovel that!” my second thought was “Wow, the house is HUGE, what the hell did we do with all that space??!!”. But then as I shuffled through the rooms and looked at furniture in all the wrong places and rooms painted different colors, I couldn’t help but be a bit nostalgic. I do miss that kitchen… a BIG kitchen with tons of space but most of all I miss the incredible gatherings that we hosted in that kitchen, especially the “Late But Great”. I miss my bathtub, in the bathroom that Ron and I so carefully designed. But the thing I miss the most is the ‘Creek and all of the wonderful memories that we made there. I miss my amazing friends that are still there. Sniff.  And no, we will not be putting any offers on any properties in the old ‘hood, but it does make my heart a little fuller knowing that Ottawa and this house will always feel a bit like “home”, even if we have moved on. I am feeling very lucky and thankful today to have such amazing people in my life on both sides of the border. Happy Wednesday and love to you all!! xox

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