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This past weekend our Saturday adventure took us to our new favorite neighborhood to explore- Tribeca. I am not sure why we haven’t spent more time here as this is such an incredible spot for food, culture, shopping and parks. It is a truly wonderful area to wander around in. We hopped off the subway at Chambers St. and headed toward the Hudson River eager to check out Pier 25 which includes a playground, mini-golf, beach volleyball courts, basketball, a skating park and places to just sit down and enjoy the phenomenal view. It was heavenly. I felt like we had escaped the hustle and bustle of the city as we casually strolled along the river. After some mini-golf and meandering we decided to head back in a few blocks to the beautiful Washington Market Park where the girls cooled off in the sprinklers at the playground and we relaxed shaded by the big leafy trees. We even checked out a local pub for Linner (lunch/dinner). Here are some pics from the day! I highly recommend exploring this nabe, I think it just might be on the top of my list right now!! Enjoy and have a super-fantastic Wednesday!

I have a pretty killer two-putt game 😉

Very serious mini-putters!

View from the green


Beautiful beach volleyball courts

View of Battery Park City

Pier 25

Taking a peek across the river

Gorgeous day for a little boat ride

Catching some air!

Come sail away…


The Freedom Tower looms overhead

This city scene doesn’t look real

The Tribeca Bridge

Inside the Tribeca Bridge

Traffic on the Henry Hudson Parkway

Tennis anyone?

Street Art

Farmer’s Market

Washington Market Park

A Saturday exploring under the blue skies… nothing better.

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