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The middle of February is a tough time. The winter weather is never ending, there are tons of flu and cold like viruses floating around and quite frankly the world news hasn’t been very uplifting. We are also many weeks away from those fabulous New Year’s resolutions and goals that we like to set out and plan at the beginning of January. Ho hum.

But… I have been inspired. Sometimes even the smallest of things can be a gentle reminder to be your best self, to get out there, to go big! About a year ago at Soul Cycle I became acquainted with a great guy named Miles. He is full of energy, open to new challenges, ready for adventure, exudes passion and loves life. He has since moved from NYC and I miss his smile and energy that I so looked forward to seeing when I took class at West 77th. (westsidebestside) BUT, the silver lining in all of this is that Miles has a website www.livewhereulive.com where I can visit and read his “thoughts from a unicorn” and can check out his beautiful bracelet designs. Miles latest creation is called LIMITLESS. Mine arrived today. I LOVE it. I have two other bracelets by Miles- The Athlete and Water. I absolutely love the powerful messages behind each of them. When I wear them I am reminded of my potential and to focus on the positive.

Here is the description for Limitless- “The black cylinder bead represents a wheel. Never-ending. No beginning. No end. The blue bead represents the sky. Wide open. Vast. Accented with a ‘GB’, a constant reminder to Go Big! Be Limitless.”

This is exactly the reminder I need for today and always. I am trying to silence those February blahs, and instead focus on all the limitless possibilities. Thanks for the inspiration Miles! Have a wonderful day my friends- sending warmth, love, positivity and some chocolate your way. =)


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