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Well, there is definitely some football madness in the air. Did any of you watch the Denver- Pittsburgh game last night???!!! Unbelievable. That Tebow really is quite amazing. At this time of year it is hard not to get caught up in the energy and excitement of the Football Playoffs, especially if you live anywhere near a sports bar and we happen to live very close to more than one. I can lie in bed knowing the score of the game by listening to the moans and groans or the cheers from the sports bar a couple of doors down. Yesterday, people were lined up before noon at these establishments eagerly awaiting a spot near a t.v. and an ice cold beer. There really is something to be said about watching an exciting game with a large group of people rather than in your own living room.

On Christmas Eve Ron took me to my first home NY Jets game. It was an incredible experience, made even more fun by the fact that the Jets were playing the NY Giants. Classic. New York vs. New York on Christmas Eve, what could be better really?? Ron and I, BIG Jets fans, got all decked out in team spirit and made our way down to Penn Station where we would board a train to the new Meadowlands Stadium (MetLife Stadium) to see the game.

Go Jets!!

We arrived at Penn Station and I seriously have never seen so many people trying to get to one place in all my life. It was actually the first time since moving to NYC that I felt nervous in a crowd of people. There were thousands of people trying to make their way to the train platform through one double door. I am slightly claustrophobic and was not comfortable being squished between all the football fans and the poor people just trying to board the train to get home or to the airport. What a nightmare! There has to be a better way. Thankfully everyone kept calm and orderly and we all made it to the train. I shudder to imagine the alternative.

Not sure if this picture can even come close to conveying the crowds!!

Once we were on the train all ran smoothly, Jets and Giants fans traded good cheer and tossed insults back and forth. The atmosphere was jovial and relaxed. This is what I love about New York, strangers talking, sharing laughs and even beer. Good times. As we pulled up to the stadium we could see all of the fans tailgating in the parking lot. Whoa. This tailgating is serious business. One bbq looked like they were roasting a pig! The stadium itself is  beautiful and we spent time wandering around, checking out the merchandise and of course indulging in stadium food and drink. We made our way to the seats and sat down for a few minutes taking in the incredible electric atmosphere of a Jets/Giants standoff. And that is where the seating ended. We stood for the entire game. All of the fans in our section stood and watched the entire game. There was too much cheering, excitement and frenetic energy to even imagine sitting down. I also think there was too much pride. There was no way that the Jets fans were going to be outdone by the Giants fans and vice versa.

The View From Our Seats

As you well know, the game did not end well for us Jets fans and our season is over but as for my first football game in NYC, it was a blast. It was also not a bad way to spend the afternoon on Christmas Eve. We are sure that Santa is a Jets fan too, see for yourself 😉 Guess I better get pumped up for the Superbowl. Already chilling the beer…

Santa, a Jets fan, who knew?!

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