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The other day I was walking on the Upper East Side when I stopped to peer in and look at one of the teeniest of tiniest apartments I had ever seen in NYC. Now, I know that real estate and space is at a premium in this city but this a wee bit ridiculous! One of the men renovating the space asked if I was interested in buying it or renting it and I had to laugh, even though it is teeny weeny, a miniscule space like this on the Upper East Side was probably still way above my price range. Gotta love NYC real estate!! On the bright side, I am sure that it was way cheaper than the most expensive property in the city right now, an apartment overlooking Central Park that is on the market for a mere $95, 000, 000.00 Any one want to lend me some cash??!!  Have a fabulous Wednesday and always keep your sense of humor 😉

Yep, there is a building tucked in there!

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