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I am always amazed by how closely Manhattanites can parallel park their cars. I often wonder how they get out of such tight spots. Although, judging by the bumpers on most cars there is a lot of nudging. The other night as I was walking Dopey, I paused to look at the beauty of an older Porshe and then had a mini panic attack on behalf of the driver when I realized how closely the other two cars were parked in front of and behind it. I really hope he or she did not want to get out of that parking spot in a hurry. Yikes. Here are the pics and proof again that driving and especially parking in NYC is NOT for the faint of heart. Have a great Wednesday 😉

Nice Car!

Front view of the bumper

Back view- inches to spare??!!!

A more practical driving choice for the city? At least you could probably pick it up and move it 😉

Much easier to park!

Alas, I think I will stick with this option =)

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