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As you all know I am a relative newbie to NYC, many people have told me that you can’t really call yourself a true New Yorker until you have toughed it out and lived here for at least ten years. That being said I think we can all agree that I am truly passionate about New York City and have happily embraced it as my new home. I spend much of my time on this blog charting all of my crazy adventures in this incredible place that I get to call home. I honestly feel very lucky to live here and experience all the ups and downs that life in Manhattan brings with it. So, when my incredibly talented and informed friend Rebecca Levey of Beccarama and KidzVuz invited me to be one of the bloggers to attend a meet and greet with mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio, I jumped at the chance. It will be my first time voting in a NYC Mayoral election and I am excited to learn about the candidates so that I can use my voice in the best possible way.


Bloggers for de Blasio

The Bloggers for de Blasio event was a very intimate event (around 20 or so)  where we were welcomed and immediately put at ease by the hosts and the de Blasio staff. This is the second time that I have been at an event held for Bill de Blasio and I am impressed by how easy going and approachable the people running the de Blasio campaign are. I am not always comfortable at social functions of a political nature but I found that this event was very relaxed and we were encouraged to talk to the de Blasio team, Bill’s wife Chirlane and Mr. de Blasio himself.


Yes, Bill de Blasio really is that tall and I am really that short 😉

After impassioned introductions from Rebecca Levey and Cynthia Nixon, Bill de Blasio spent time going over his past work within the city of New York including his service on City Council and as Public Advocate, he then began laying out some of his  goals for the city of New York including Universal Pre- K and afterschool programs for all middle schoolers that include academics, culture and athletics. If Bill is elected as Mayor, he will be the only sitting Mayor to have a child currently in a NYC public school. As a parent of two children who are currently navigating through the NYC public school system I have first hand knowledge of how frustrating this process can be and how there is a desperate need for something to be done. Education in this city is hit and miss depending on what district you live in, over crowding and teaching to the test are real problems. I have been incredibly impressed with Bill de Blasio’s  platform on education. During this event he opened up the floor to questions and did not flinch from the tough questions aimed at him regarding the numerous issues revolving around education. His answers were well thought out, sincere and he did not deflect. It was unsurprising, given the audience that most of the questions did revolve around education, economic discrepancies and the future generations of New Yorkers. If I had one complaint was that this meet and greet ended too soon as I would have loved to hear more in depth answers about Bill’s stance on some of the other issues surrounding the Mayoral race. That being said, I get the impression from this campaign team that if I have any questions they would be happy to answer them.

A BIG thank you to Rebecca Levey for the invite and to the de Blasio team for the opportunity to listen, learn and be better informed. A positive, inspiring New York City experience!


Bill de Blasio addressing the questions from the audience

From the de Blasio Campaign:

“Bill knows we only succeed as New Yorkers if we leave no New Yorker behind. Bill knows we need new leadership that lifts up all our people; leadership that understands New York is a city of neighborhoods- five boroughs and everyday people from all walks of life.”

“Bill believes that New York City will grow strong as one city that rises together.”


Who are you voting for? Get out there, be informed!

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