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The other day when I was in a migraine fog standing on a NYC street corner, I became very aware of how much activity seemed to happen on a NYC street corner in such a small amount of time. There were numerous little stories taking place around me as I stood in place waiting for my friend. Deep inside the haze an idea formed for the blog. Every Friday I am going to stand on a different street corner in NYC and record the hustle and bustle (or lack of) for one minute. A little slice of life in the city. I hope you will enjoy! Happy Friday my friends. Take the time today to hug someone and remind them just how much you love them 🙂

Corner of 31st & 7th
On a Friday afternoon this is an insanely busy block. Right across from Madison Square Garden and Penn Station, people are rushing to catch buses and trains out of the city. New visitors to the city are arriving, friends are meeting for drinks, hustlers are hustling, noses are in cellphones, traffic (by foot and car) is heavy and the general chaos of the city is palpable. You can stand on the corner and let yourself be lost in the swirl of humanity.

***And… I am still working on getting this idea up and running. Please enjoy some pics from 31st & 7th, while I figure it out! Thanks for your patience.

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