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So, I really did try and post these pics yesterday but I only had a limited amount of time and of course my computer decided to be pokey AND I was trying to go to bed before midnight, so here they are today on Thursday. Kind of fitting really, this being the 1st of December. Getting a real tree for Christmas in Manhattan is a wee bit different than the burbs. You can leave the city and go and cut one down but if you don’t have ready access to a car, no worries, there are trees on many a corner. There are many beautiful options and best of all I get to feel nostalgic for Canada as most of the trees are from the mighty province of Quebec! We will be tree hunting and decorating this weekend and I can’t wait! There really is nothing better than the smell of a real tree in a cosy apartment. And of course there is some adventure and a bit of hunting type behaviour as you try and pick out the perfect tree, hoist it on your (Ron’s) back, carry it through the maze of people on the sidewalk and then try and it fit it in the elevator only to realize that it really did look smaller on the sidewalk 😉  Happy decorating my friends and Hello December!!

Ready for the perfect home

Lean on me

Feeling Festive

Group Huddle

Leaning to the right...

A little beauty!

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