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Today was one of those perfect mornings to stay curled up in bed. The rain was falling, it was dark, warm and cosy. But… the pesky alarm was going off and work, school and the rest of the day’s schedule would not be ignored. By the time we were ready to walk out the door it was pouring outside. Flash flood warnings were out for the city and beyond. It was the type of rain that left you drenched as soon as you stepped out in it. We walked to school armed with our rubber boots, jackets and umbrellas. NYC is not a very easy city to manoeuvre when the there is a heavy down pour. The streets and sidewalks quickly become flooded with gigantic puddles, small dogs and children could easily disappear. And then there is the juggling of umbrellas, I am surprised more people do not lose eyes in the battle for sidewalk territory. Don’t even think about trying to get a cab on a morning like this, unless you have been saving up a year’s worth of karma it just will not happen. So, of course, I did the only sensible thing I could do after I dropped off the kids, I headed to my favorite Starbucks and waited out the storm before embarking on my next errand. I mean really, can you blame me?? 😉

Of course, now it has stopped raining and the sun is even trying to peek out. It always seems to happen like this- it rains hard just as everyone is leaving in the morning ensuring that children and adults alike will spend the remainder of the day with wet feet and pant bottoms. I guess the only saving grace is that a spring rain is so much nicer than a winter rain. The nice bonus of a good downpour is that the streets of Manhattan are already looking and smelling a little bit cleaner… Have a wonderful Wednesday my friends. Enjoy the pics =)











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It is a cold, rainy November day here in Manhattan. Hey, isn’t there a song about that??!! And when the rain comes down in NYC out come the umbrellas. Here are some pics from school pick up which seems more like a battle ground for umbrella posturing and herding of children rather than a civilized endeavour. Hope your day treats you well, stay dry!

Umbrellas as far as the eye can see!

Jostling for position out of the gate

The girls walking home 😉

Not a good day for the park

Checking out the sewer flow

Reflective puddle

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