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So here we are, the Monday after a fabulous four day weekend filled with wonderful conversation, much relaxing, great food and the company of cherished family and friends. My stuffy nose aside, it was a spectacular weekend to celebrate American Thanksgiving.

Checking out the balloons for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Watching the parade from the comfort of our couch. Lots of snuggles and plenty of coffee!

Preparing the wine 😉

The amazing chefs in the kitchen!

The Feast!!

Friends and Family

A Couple of Turkeys 😉

Now it is back to reality and the massive pre-holiday list that keeps getting longer and longer even as I try and cross things off. *Sigh* In a sort of an obscure way of procrastinating I decided to take to the computer and let myself muse on this Movember Monday or as some (my husband) might say, ramble…

First of all, I can’t believe that it is the end of November. The weather is not helping. It is a balmy 68 degrees here in NYC today and although I should not be complaining I kind of miss the crisp cool days. The lights are up and trees are lit around the city but it doesn’t really feel very Christmas like without even a hint of the white stuff. This is what it must feel like to live in the warmer climes over the holidays 😉  I know, I know, soon I will be complaining of the cold arctic wind that whips around the buildings and the ugly city black/grey melting snow. You can remind me of this post and tell me to suck it up!

A Tree Hanging On To Its Beautiful Leaves In Central Park

The Girls Playing At The Park Yesterday

I feel like I am having trouble focusing on just one thing lately. I am writing down the things to get done and they all blur together into one big heart racing madness- holiday shopping, baking (I said yes to a cookie swap!!), starting training for a 1/2 marathon (why do I agree to these things??!!), searching for a job (!!!), worrying about middle school applications (not for me ;)), what’s for dinner (ugh), securing babysitters, scheduling, volunteering (must learn to say NO!) and then I am distracted by the price of limes (Matti!!!). Seriously, I know that these are not BIG worries and I am extremely fortunate but hey, try telling that to my stressed out big hair 😉 ‘Tis the season! Wow, I feel much better just sharing my insanity.

Anyhoo, in all honesty, I do love the craziness, I would be bored if I was just sitting around wondering what to do with myself. So, enough ranting, rambling, musing for today. I need to go and fold some laundry, send some emails, peruse the job listings and vacuum. After that I think I will sit down with a big old glass of wine, oh wait, I have to pick up the girls, make dinner and help with homework first! It’s always an adventure even when the adventure is pretty mundane 😉

Have a great week and remember to find some time just for YOU!!

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