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After a wonderful, relaxing Christmas day with the family, almost if on cue, (a day late) a winter storm started to roll into the East Coast. In typical New York fashion, the first snowfall of the year was not going to be a small affair and the winter storm watch quickly turned into a full blown blizzard warning.  There was much excitement in our apartment.  I think we were all just a wee bit sad that there was no snow for Christmas and we were super psyched to finally experience our first snowfall in Manhattan.

As the first snowflake hit the ground, the girls began to panic as the crazy carpets had not made it with us in the move.  Grandma saved the day by going out to our local sports store and scooping up two magic saucers.  Impatience set in and the girls wanted to head to the park even though there was not nearly enough snow yet for downhill fun.  Out we went, the wind was howling and the snow was already gusting sideways as we made our way down to Riverside Park.  We passed many Manhattanites who were making last minute purchases at the grocery and liquor stores, stocking up for the impending storm.

Our hearty Canadian girls were the only ones brave enough to endure the wintery park conditions!!

Funny, although New York City is located in the state of New York, which definitely gets its share of winter weather, many people in Manhattan seem ill prepared to deal with ACTUAL winter weather.  We passed numerous people whose only defence against the elements were rainboots, ball caps and layered clothing.  Of course, we did see many lavish fur coat/hat/boot combos as well. The umbrellas also come out here… something that you would NEVER see in Ottawa.  Don’t even get me started on dog coats!!

There really is something truly magical about the falling snow and I forced both Paul and Ron off of the couch and made them go for a walk last night. There was barely anyone on the streets, car or pedestrian and it was extremely peaceful navigating the snow filled avenues. The city itself looks totally different covered in snow and there was a sense of calm that is rare to find during the crazy daylight hours.

Subway entrance 79th and Broadway

Even in a blizzard, the bike guys are still delivering- CRAZY!!

After a surprisingly quiet night (very few sirens or anything else going on) we woke up to a true winter wonderland in Manhattan.  No early morning joggers, although a few adventurous types were trying to get in some exercise!

Skiing down Broadway

The streets and sidewalks were barely passable and 20+ inches of snow had fallen, virtually shutting down the city and its surrounding boroughs.  The girls were ecstatic and immediately demanded that we bundle up and head out to find a hill to try out sledding in New York City.  Out we went, the wind was howling but we were determined.  We lasted 30 minutes but the girls had a blast and we all enjoyed a bit of Starbucks on the walk home.

All bundled up and ready to go...

Fun on the hill!

R, taking a break

A, having a blast!

Dopey enjoying the snowy park

Looking down 83rd Street

VERY glad we don't have a car!!

So, what to do for the rest of the day? As the city starts to shovel itself out of the snow, it is a great feeling to be snowed in with no where to go and nothing to do. The kettle is boiling, there are still leftovers and cookies, movies are easily downloaded and worst case scenario, I might have to have a nap 😉 Every once in a while even Manhattan is forced to slow down and I am going to enjoy every minute of it!  Stay warm and safe my friends. If you are in the neighbourhood, I will have the hot chocolate waiting…

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