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It is our first Christmas in NYC.  Our oldest daughter declared the other day that we were the only people in Manhattan who did not have our Christmas tree yet. Probably a slight exaggeration but needless to say out we went on the weekend and cut down bought our tree from the guy at the corner and brought it home. Interesting fact: The trees in Manhattan are from Quebec farms sold by good old Quebec tree planters- awesome! On Monday night, accompanied by Christmas tunes and the fake fireplace on the t.v. in the background, we decorated the tree.  This is a moment that I look forward to and cherish every year.  Hope you enjoy the photos!!

The Tree Merchant

All lined up and looking for a good home...

Ready to decorate!

Mommy's Little Helpers

Santa Daddy

R- Careful placement

A- Going for a higher branch

Some Dopey Dog Lovin'

The Star

Group Effort

The Final Product

Before bed, the first Christmas story of the season...

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