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On Monday, for the first time ever, I was apprehensive about dropping off my children at school. And damn that made me angry. I am beyond horrified by the school shooting in Sandy Hook. My heart aches for the families and friends of those innocent children and teachers. There are no adequate words to express how I feel. I am not sure writing about it would even make me feel better. I am at a loss, like many of you.

But, I have visited my daughters school on numerous occasions this week for music celebrations, publishing parties and the coat drive. I am reminded of all of the good in the world. The amazing teachers and community. The joy and happiness in every little child. It gives me peace and hope. I am comforted by my own little monkeys, growing up so fast, so filled with energy and life. They are my comfort and joy. Today I send you all a little more love, light and peace. Xoxo



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