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You would never know it by the crushing heat and humidity in Manhattan today, but yes it is September and there are signs of Fall approaching all around the city. First of all, the people are back. The streets are crowded with residents not tourists and everyone is on a mission- shopping, school supplies, mani/pedi’s, back to work, back to the gym, back to school. There is a buzz and the streets are hopping! Look out if you are still in summer mode, you might just get run over- literally 😉 Time to get your head out of the clouds, your brain back from the beach and get organized (at least that is the pep talk I am giving myself!). So here are a few pics I took when I was out and about today that definitely signal to me that the seasons are changing. Now, if Mother Nature would catch up and chase away the heat, I would happily pull out the jeans and sweaters!!! Happy Wednesday and I wish everyone a fun and fabulous transition into all the changes that Fall brings with it.

All of the yummy Fall classics are back at Starbucks… can you say Pumpkin Scone??

Ugh, taking the kids for flu shots, think I will leave that to hubby 😉

These signs seem to disappear in the summer, or maybe I just don’t notice them.

The leaves are falling already!

The ads for new shows are everywhere!

Bye summer, we will miss you so!

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Well, it is definitely September… We are up and running at full speed, back on schedule and enjoying the chaos. Here are some pics taken the past week or so as we jump right in to the crazy! Have a great day, hope your September is starting off spectacularly!!

Love this ad... Might have to take the advice!

Back To School Divas

Ready to conquer the world or at least 4th and 1st grade!

My city girls *tear*

A crowd of people watching the US Open in Madison Square Park (LOVE this city!)

Family Reunion and Brunch =)

A September morning run in the Reservoir (Central Park)

Fabulous running buddies!!

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