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So, yes it did rain today, but I did not panic 😉 Instead, we woke up and had a leisurely morning in the apartment. The girls even persuaded me to make biscuits and bacon. There was some relaxation and very little fighting. The only thing on our agenda was a movie. Perfect.

We made a quick stop at Barnes & Noble as A just HAD to have the new “Dork Diaries” book and I have a hard time saying no to books… if you she loves to read I am not going to discourage it!

Rs book choice

A trying to make a choice with some help from her crazy sister!

We then headed down to the movie theatre to see the flick “Soul Surfer”. The girls loved the movie. They were at equal times mesmerized, excited and teary. It was a great movie with an excellent message about perseverance. I am super excited that the girls are actually branching out and wanting to go to non animated films. I am not sure I could have handled “Hop” today.

We ended the day with a quick trip to Trader Joe’s where we picked up a few essentials for the week such as brownie mix, lemonade, popcorn and other bribes, um, I mean treats. In case of another rainy day emergency I am will not be caught without baking options and sustenance 😉

A checking out her new book while on line in Trader Joes

Thanks to some tips from a couple of good blogger friends, I also have a few other indoor back up plans, including Moomah and the new dinosaur exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History. It always pays to be one step ahead when the dreaded “Mom, what are we doing today???!!!” question is asked 😉 Have a fabulous evening.

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