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Summer is finally here and of course, it starts off with a massive heat wave in the city, that is just how NYC likes to roll. Oppressive heat in the concrete jungle 😉 I for one am glad that the lazy, hazy days of summer have finally arrived. I welcome the slower pace, the outdoor patios, fewer people around and the many cool summer activities, concerts and theater events going on. The vibe just feels a little more chillax.

I ended June on a bit of a crazy note, when four of my best girlfriends and I ran in the Rugged Maniac obstacle course race. It was truly an adrenaline blast and we had a ton of fun making our way up and down walls, and other insane barriers through mud and water. So. Much. Fun. Rachel in all her awesomeness ran along side us and took some pics.



July started with the girls home and me trying to entertain them while organizing and planning for their departure for sleepaway camp. We saw a few movies, did some exploring and basically just tried to survive the heat and each other 😉 Have to admit, even though Monsters Inc. is my favorite kid movie of all time, I loved Despicable Me 2, way more than Monsters University.
We spent July 4th hanging as a family, trekking around on our bikes and avoiding the crowds and the fireworks, opting for an apartment picnic and movie night instead.


This past weekend we drove to New Hampshire and dropped off the girls at camp. They are gone for a whole month this summer, and as I sit here typing this I still can’t really process that we have no children for a month. I will miss them terribly but I am not going to lie, I am also looking forward to a little time in Manhattan to explore as an adult.


Today Ron, Dopey and I are hanging out in Newport, RI. As a little 12th anniversary treat to ourselves we decided to spend a couple of days relaxing in this beautiful oceanfront town. It does not suck 😉

Ahhhh summer… So nice to have you back.


Hope you are all enjoying a bit of a slower pace and are welcoming July with some fun! Xox

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