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Alright, I am waving a little white flag today. My allergies are kicking my butt, my head hurts and I haven’t slept well in the past few nights. I am tired. I am giving myself permission to “take a day”. Who am I kidding? I am actually giving myself a couple of hours. I have already got both girls up and ready for school, gone to a 7am Girls on the Run practice, a killer Soul Cycle class, ran a few errands, walked the dog and put in some laundry but now I am done. I am giving myself permission to chill out on the couch for a few hours before R’s baseball practice and picking up A from rehearsal and homework and dinner and… I know I will still feel a little guilty but I need it, so I am taking it. I am going to read my book, watch some crappy t.v. or maybe I will just nap. So, shhh… Happy Wednesday, hope your day is wonderful and I really, really, really hope you find some time for you! xoxo


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