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Can I get a “wooosaaa”?! Some days you just wake up and the world is bugging you. I admit I was a little cranky this morning and am trying to shake it off. Yes, it is still winter, the “to do” list is long, it is not all sunshine and lollipops and blah, blah, blah… etc, etc, etc. We all know what life is like. But, I decided to just breathe a bit and focus on the positive- the sun is trying to come out, the temps are climbing above freezing, there was no line at Trader Joe’s- the simple things. What is hard, is to not get sucked into the polar vortex of negativity created by other people- an email received, a nasty person on the street, a rude look… Trying to remind myself to as Adele Dazim 😉 (Idina Menzel) would say “Let it Go…”. And on some days this takes a little more effort.

I was looking up inspirational type quotes and came across this and just like that the day looked a bit brighter 😉


Hope you all have a fabulous Wednesday! Wishing all the negative people a little sunshine in their lives or at least a little Star Wars humor.

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