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It’s always an adventure and in life you never truly know where the next road is going to take you. Knowing that this was going to be my first Christmas without the girls I decided way back in May to book a trip to London. I love Christmas and I love big family and friend festivities during the holidays. These last couple of years, Christmas time has been very different. The girls and myself, have had to get used to new traditions and new realities. It is not always easy. I am trying to frame it that different doesn’t have to be hard, it is just different and can have new and exciting parts to it. Although, I have to admit, staying positive at the holidays can be tough. I find myself nostalgic and this year I knew that I would really miss not having the girls and I together. So I decided I needed a BIG distraction.

So, here I am, in London.

I chose London as my first solo international destination because it seemed like an “easy” trip to plan- a big city with lots going on, many neighborhoods to walk and explore and truthfully, for my own ease, an English speaking city to navigate.

I have been here for a couple of days now and am loving it. So much to see and do.

I have to admit, I was a bit sad to wake up this morning on Christmas, by myself, but shook it off with a brisk walk to Westminster Abbey and a beautiful church service. I have spoken to my girls and they are having a great time with their Dad. I am having fun doing something new and exciting. I mean… LONDON!!! Different AND awesome.

Yesterday I had the good fortune of meeting and talking with a fabulous couple. It was such a highlight to just connect with good people. As we parted ways one of the men hugged me and said “New beginnings are usually the start of something better”. Yes indeed.

Merry Christmas my beautiful friends ❤️

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Hi there everyone, it is me, your long lost friend, or it certainly feels like it anyway. The last time I wrote something on this blog, there was snow on the ground- yikes! I guess I have been a little remiss in the writing department or maybe I can just apologize and say that I have been distracted by life. Let’s go with that.

It is September, I love this time of year. I always think of it as the official New Year’s. Maybe because I have always been involved in education in one way or another, but I always think of the new school year as a time to being again. To start fresh. An opportunity to put forth new goals, plan, get organized, get energized and move forward.  It is also the month in New York City where the weather turns into days of beautiful blue skies with crisp mornings and warm afternoons. Perfection.

I also love September because there is a schedule again. Even though I hate toooo much structure and you know that I can’t stand planning lunches and dinners, I do love getting up and moving and having purpose and a calendar filled with things to do. I promise not to complain too much when this starts to become overwhelming-ha! My girls can’t wait to go back to school, their days of lounging are making them a bit crazy at this point. I know I definitely need them to go back to school so our apartment can stop looking like a frat house!! Teenage girls are a hot mess, literally.

We have had a good few months, the girls, Memphis and I. Keeping busy with the everyday. We have had the opportunity to travel a bit, connect with family, explore and appreciate the little things.

The world in general is tough right now. Politics in the US, not okay at all. That is a much BIGGER issue and a fight that continues daily. It weighs heavily on us all.

We are lucky though, I am grateful that life, in general, is good. Am I where I thought I would be at this stage in my life? No, I am not. Some days this is exciting and awesome and other days it paralyzingly terrifying. Life is definitely messy and amazing at the same time. That is the beauty of it all. One of my goals for September is to let go of the fear of the unknown, embrace the chaos and concentrate on the things I can change. We will see how it goes. I also promise to keep writing. It really is good for the soul. Happy “New Year” my friends. Good luck to all the students, teachers, administrators, support staff and parents as your new year begins! xoxo

(Here are a few of my favorite pics from the last couple of months, hope you enjoy them)

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I feel like I have been incredibly lucky this summer to find myself in some of the most beautiful places in the U.S. New Hampshire is absolutely gorgeous- the lakes, mountains, trees, charming towns and spectacular sunsets. I am feeling grateful to have the time to hang out, read, relax and explore before I pick up the girls from camp on Saturday. The summer days are fleeting, hang on to them and enjoy every moment. 💜


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I sit here writing this with my cup of tea, the dog at my feet, sitting in a chair that is overlooking the lake. The sun is fighting to come out from behind the clouds, the wind is gently blowing and the only sound I can hear are the waves lapping on the shore. Perfection.

I love cottage life. I have always loved it. Some of my fondest childhood memories are spending time at my Aunt and Uncle’s cottage on Wood Lake in Muskoka. There is something about the fresh air, trees, lake and pace that are just good for the soul.

Ron, Dopey dog and I are having a much needed relaxing time, doing a whole lot of nothing. Reading, swimming, chasing the ball (Dopey), kayaking, eating, drinking, playing cards, grilling (Ron), chatting (me) and checking out the local town. It is exactly what we needed. Especially Ron who has had a ridiculous work schedule lately.

We are about 1/2 an hour from the girls camp in New Hampshire and I am super excited to pick them up on Saturday but right now, I am going to pour another cup of tea and grab my book. Summer. Life is good.

Happy Wednesday everyone, hope you are finding time to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet in your happy place!













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We arrived in sunny Florida on Monday morning and it has been incredibly rejuvenating for both the mind, body and soul. After five days of sunshine, palm trees and pool time, I can handle whatever this winter has left for us. Happy Wednesday!! Hope you are all finding a bit of sunshine no matter where you are. Xoxo













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We arrived back in NYC late yesterday afternoon. And while it is oh so good to be home, after a doctor’s appointment involving needles to the heel (damn Plantar Faciatis!), laundry and more laundry, cranky sleep deprived children and a PA meeting to look forward to this afternoon, I am really wishing I was still on the beach in sunny California. But, like all good things, vacation does need to come to an end! =) We had an amazing time in California and am looking forward to sharing our adventures and pictures with you soon in an upcoming blog but for today I thought I would share some pics of a miniature NYC done in Lego from Legoland California. The whole family got a kick out of seeing our hometown set out in perfect little Lego detail, it really is an incredible thing to see. Hope you enjoy the pics. Happy Wednesday y’all!! Side note: Can’t help the “y’all” because I watched episode after episode of “The Closer” on the plane- such a good show!!!

Wollman Skating Rink, Central Park


Belvedere Castle and Shakespeare in the Park

Fountain, Central Park

Boathouse, Central Park

Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge

Guggenheim Museum

Upper West Side =)

The Carousel, Central Park

Flatiron Building

Cityscape with Chrysler Building

Grand Central Station

30 Rockefeller Center

Cityscape with Empire State Building

Cityscape with Freedom Tower

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It really is hard to believe that this is our third summer in Manhattan. Some days it feels like we just moved and on other days I feel like I have lived here forever, weird. What I have noticed is that summers in Manhattan are a bit different than in other places. In NYC people are always talking about leaving for the summer. “When are the kids in camp?” “When are you heading upstate?” “To the Hamptons?” “On vacation?”. There is a mass exodus by the local residents. I know in other places people look forward to vacation time and escaping to the cottage, camping etc. but it just doesn’t seem to happen on the same level as Manhattanites. But, I guess NYC always has to up the intensity even on vacationing, right? 😉

Perhaps the drive to escape the city happens because when the first heat wave hits it can seem a bit unbearable and oppressive. In a city where people rely on getting around on foot or by using public transit in a very fast and to the point way, slowing down and escaping to the shadows or hiding indoors just doesn’t seem to work very well. The concrete jungle sure does get hot and in a city with so many people I have noticed that as the temperatures rise the patience level lowers. Well, mine does, anyway. People can be pushed to the brink by riding in a non air-conditioned subway car! And, as much as NYC loves tourists (I have been one many, many times) locals are not always fond of the extra people invading the city and adding to the crush of humanity. As a resident now, I just wish the tourists would learn to not stop in the middle of the sidewalk…

I’m Melting!!!!

Summer vacation can also be a bit disconcerting and chaotic, routines are in upheaval and there is the pressure to do something, anything… It can also be a bit lonely as friends (both the kids and mine) go their separate ways for two months. This year I have embraced summer in the city and have tried to find a nice balance.

So, now that our honeymoon stage has worn off a little bit, meaning that we don’t always want to go out and explore each and every sight. Okay, meaning that the kids are tired of me dragging them to each and every new cool thing I find, I think we have become a little bit more local this year. What I mean by this is that we have arranged a summer that has a nice balance of enjoying the many amazing things that are happening in NYC in the summer as well as getting a bit of break from Manhattan and taking some time to get away.

The girls are doing a couple of weeks of sports camp in the city and then they are also spending some time at camp “mom” with me where we still seek out cool new spots to explore. There are so many amazing things going on right now, that I promise they will not utter the words “I’m bored” more than once a day 😉 This is also the first year that our girls are both going to sleepaway camp. We are all excited and nervous about this experience. Most city kids do this and I think it will be an incredible experience. The ultimate get away in beautiful camp country with opportunities to do and experience all of the non-city type things- swimming in a lake, horseback riding, archery, climbing, hiking, water skiing, etc. I would be jealous except that it means that Ron and I get two whole weeks in Manhattan together where we don’t need to worry about babysitting to go out- woohoo!!!!!

At camp “mom” we headed to the Liberty Science Center- LOVED IT!

Escaping the city sometimes just means getting a different view of it- Lower Manhattan from New Jersey

I guess what I am trying to say in this bit of a ramble of a post is that we are getting comfortable with our new life in Manhattan and are embracing the local customs, so to speak. Camp, mini-getaways, vacation time, day trips and favorite ways to beat the heat are easier to navigate this year. I am settling in to this life and learning the ropes. Sometimes you need a little bit of a break from the Big Apple to come back and truly enjoy why so many tourists flock to the city every day =) It also helps to ease the stress, take a fuller breath and of course up the patience quota even on those really hot days.

Hope you are all enjoying these lazy, hazy days of summer.

Where will our feet take us today?

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