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Ho, Hum, it is January. Right now in NYC it is damp, gloomy, sort of winter like but not really. It is raining/sleeting and it seems that mother nature doesn’t really know what kind of weather to give to us. Our temperatures have been up and down. One day barely wearing a jacket and the next day freezing. A bit of a change from last year where we were bombarded with tons of wintery white weather.

Remember This??!!

It is at times like this, post holiday, depressing weather and a growing to do list that I find the January blahs creeping in. I know they are lurking when all I really want to do is crawl under the covers and hibernate. It gets especially bad when I think to myself “I have nothing to do”. Um, hello, I live in NYC, how could there possibly be nothing to do??!!! But alas, it is the January rut and it looms large. The blahs make every task seem daunting and grouchy mommy threatens to sneak in and nobody likes grouchy mommy 😉 So, I have decided that I am going to do my best this year to try and ward off the January (and ya, I see you February) blahs.

1. First of all, I am going to continue with the running and spinning. No matter how much I would rather just sit my butt on the couch, I will drag myself to the park and run. Thanks to my ladies who motivate me and of course, the hot chai latte that dangles like a carrot at the completion of the run! My Wednesday Warrior soul cycle is a real pleasure, a true full body workout as well as a boost of energy for the spirit. Thanks J!!

2.  I am going to continue to seek out and find cool spots to explore in this amazing city. My first stop is the New York Historical Society. We went there as a family a few weeks ago and the newly renovated building is amazing. I can’t wait to go back on my own so I can really delve into the history of New York. It is not to be missed and is a perfect solution to a cold day!!

3.  Retail Therapy- The other day I finally ventured out to Barney’s. I had never been before because I have to admit I was a little intimidated to walk through the doors. Well, a couple of girlfriends took me along and I had tons of fun browsing through the racks of beautiful designer clothing. I am no longer a Barney’s virgin. Manhattan has some amazing shopping experiences and I think the dreary winter weather is a perfect time for a little wandering through the aisles. Tip- leave your wallet at home and just enjoy the scenery 😉

And I may have bought a little something- VERY on sale 😉

4. No matter what the weather, get out of the apartment!! It is a perfect time to explore the city. All of the holiday tourists are gone and NYC is largely back to normal. I am using the next bright sunny day to my advantage and am getting out there and hitting the streets. After all, I do have Canadian blood running through my veins, I should not be scared off by a little cold weather. And, there is a Starbucks on almost every corner for heat seeking moments.

My little Sktrgrl doesn't care how cold it is, she wants to get out!

5.  Hope and pray for a snow day! Nothing makes the city come alive or seem a little brighter than a big dusting of the white stuff. My kids are wishing for some snow and who can really blame them, it does make for tons of fun. Plus, this city seems brand new and clean for at least ONE day.

Fun in the snow (last year)

6.  I have decided to spend a little less time on the computer and iPhone (we shall see) and get back to one of my true loves- reading. After seeing the movie “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”, I immediately started reading the second book (“The Girl Who Played With Fire” Stieg Larsson) and have just finished it, moving on to the third book “The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest”. There is nothing better than getting wrapped up in an amazing story to chase away those winter blahs.

Helps if you have a friend to warm your feet.

7.  And finally, I am going to surround myself with positive people. It is hard to chase away your own Blahs if you are constantly surrounded by other people bringing your down with their negativity. So, I am hanging out with the friends who encourage, suggest fun things to do, support you through the dreary to do list and offer a glass of wine when those blahs get a little too close for comfort. I hope you find the things that chase away your blahs too. You can always resort to daydreaming of beautiful beaches and warm sunny destinations. Good luck =)

Wish I was here...

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