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Tomorrow Ron and I will be going to pick up the girls from camp. They have been gone for two weeks. For two weeks while at sleepaway camp we have not spoken to them at all. I have received 1 letter from each child, where, thankfully, they both said that they were having an AMAZING time. I have even become one of those moms who checks out the camp website and Facebook page hoping to get a glimpse of my children in a photo. It has been both a strange and wonderful experience. I have to admit that I have really missed them, the apartment has been quite lonely without them and even Dopey has been wandering around wondering where they are. I am bursting with excitement to see them. I can’t wait to hear all about their stories and adventures. I am sure they will have grown up immensely in two weeks. I can almost physically feel that first hug!

Now, that being said, that doesn’t mean that I have not enjoyed the two weeks of freedom in NYC without children. Fun has definitely been had πŸ˜‰ The BIG thing is just being able to spontaneously go out and not have to worry about childcare. This, truly is a vacation in itself. Ron and I have gone for walks, enjoyed dinners out and even went to a movie that WE wanted to see on a Sunday afternoon, I know, crazy, right?? (BTW, “The Dark Knight Rises” is a seriously awesome movie!)

At the Yankees/Sox Game

It has been wonderful not having to worry about scheduling, making lunches and what we are having for dinner. Our fridge has been empty. The only items in it, are beer and milk for cereal. In many ways I think we have reverted back to our University days!! I have enjoyed the simple pleasures of “me” time- heading out for a run and to the gym on my schedule, having a clean apartment that stays clean and being able to leave the Olympics on t.v. all day without a little person asking to change it to one of their shows.

Ron has been able to work late mostly guilt free πŸ˜‰ and I have been catching up on my guilty pleasure of “The Vampire Diaries”. I even escaped the heat one day by indulging in the wonderful pleasure of an afternoon movie. Unfortunately the only thing playing was “Step Up Revolution”. No judging, if you can get past the non-existent acting the dancing was incredible, no really, it was!!

We really have had a wonderful time as a couple and hanging out doing “adult” type things but I am ready for my little monkeys to come home. I miss the chaos, laughter, love and hugs. I even miss the arguing and nagging… sort of πŸ˜‰ Most of all I miss the joy that they add to our daily lives and the sparkle that dances around them. So, off to camp we go. Hopefully we can get some pictures this time!! Hope summer is treating you well, S xo

My crazy girls dancing in the streets!

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