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Wow, I just realized my last post was July 20th… time sure is flying by. I have missed writing and so, here I am, checking in with all of you.

The other day I had a very cool experience. I was standing in Alice’s Tea Cup (the best tea shop in NYC- go already!!) talking with a friend, when a woman approached me, she said “you’re the woman who writes the blog ‘It’s Always An Adventure’, aren’t you?”. I was kind of blown away and it also confirms to me that my crazy curly hair IS that recognizable. So, it turns out that she was visiting from Australia and used to live in NYC (I won’t bore you with the rest of the details, mutual friend, etc..). However, she was incredibly nice and said how she and some friends read my blog in Australia- wow- what a compliment! HELLO AUSTRALIA, thanks for reading all of my crazy thoughts and keeping up with my adventures =) And it also prodded me to get my butt in gear and start writing again.

Things have been busy in our family. I started a new job. I am working in a school again which makes me extremely happy. I love being back involved in education and working with families, children and administration in my role as a parent coordinator. Not going to lie, it has been a big adjustment for all of us having me back at work but I think the change is good for me as well as the girls. The big kid started high school this fall and the little one started middle school. Between the three of us we are navigating three school schedules, meetings, extra-curricular activities and personal growth. No wonder I feel so damn tired. Maybe I would write more if I could stay up past 9:30 😉

Overall, we are doing well. Positive change, steps forward. Fall is my favorite time of the year and I am enjoying the cooler weather. Memphis and I are taking lots of long walks in Central Park. My achilles is still not super happy with me but Soul Cycle is keeping me sane and healthy. Good friends, connecting with old friends, warm mugs of tea, belly laughs, episodes of Gilmore Girls, binge watching new tv, dreaming of my upcoming Thanksgiving trip to California… all of these things are helping to distract from the insanity of US politics, a finalized divorce and a general heaviness in the world.

Today is Canadian Thanksgiving and a perfect time to reflect. Ultimately there are so many things to be grateful and thankful for. Right now I am thankful for the peace I find just regrouping and working on life’s simpler things. It is not all sunshine and lollipops but damn, it is life and it is meant to be lived. I guess I have been in my head a lot lately trying to find perspective, answers or simply just daydreaming. And I am a-okay with that. I am grateful for a new day.

Thanks for hanging out my friends. Hope you are all well. Be good to each other. Here are some of my favorite pics from the past few months. Enjoy and rock on with your beautiful, badass selves!
















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2015 started off with such great possibilities. I was volunteering at the hospital, checking out opportunities to look for new career options, a running routine, planned vacations and celebrations. But life doesn’t always work out as expected and sometimes you are dealt a blow that you didn’t see coming. My partner and best friend of 22 years decided that his path in life no longer included one that we would walk together. I am not interested in sharing intimate details here, I will simply state that my life as I knew it was over. I was devastated for us, for me, for our children. For awhile I felt crippled. I could barely function and each day I awoke with a broken, heavy heart. I put one foot in front of the other and forced myself to keep moving forward.

It is during this time, working through the grief and pain that I learned a lot about myself. I am stronger than I thought. I can do this. Each day gets a little bit easier. It is a work in progress.

In 2015, I realized just how fierce, brave, courageous, vulnerable, lost, scared, badass, sensitive, happy, angry, lonely, loved, I am.

I ran a marathon. I ran two half marathons.

I trained and spinned and cried and laughed and cursed and drank and ate and travelled.

I realized that you should never take the people you love for granted. Hug them, love them, tell them.

I felt the love and support of a school community, of the Soul Cycle community.

I have been truly humbled by the friendships I have, both new and old. Words can not adequately express my gratitude. Never underestimate the tribe of girlfriends and how they can lift you up and carry you through even the darkest of days.

I am ridiculously happy and grateful for my girls, who inspire, encourage and surround me with love and support, every single day.

My parents, my brother… Just love, so much incredible love.

I say goodbye to 2015 to leave it behind, let it go. But I also embrace 2015 as the year that taught me to find inner strength, courage and resilience. I look forward to 2016 and the adventures it will bring. Always look to brighter days. Always look to brighter days, they are just around the corner waiting, I have to believe that, I will always believe that.

It is who I am.

“Take a deep breath and let it go. It is what it is, leave it behind you”.

Wishing you all peace, joy, love, happiness and good energy in 2016!

Get on with your badass selves!!



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