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So, last week in NYC the weather was beautiful. There was a hint of Spring in the air as the last of the snow melted and the temperatures climbed. The whole mood of the city seemed to change. People emerged from their apartments, boot and winter coat free. Everyone seemed to have a bounce in their step, smiles on their faces and a collective sigh of relief was heard throughout. As I wandered the streets there were some clear signs that NYC was emerging from the hibernation of winter.

1) Doormen and their hoses were out in full force. They were spraying down the sidewalks eliminating the last traces of salt and dirt from out front of buildings.

2) Much to my dismay, the ice-cream truck had returned to the street corner outside of the school… “Mommy, PLEASE can I have an ice-cream??!!” was heard throughout the neighborhood.

"PLEASE, mommy, PLEASE???!!!"

3) The “running of the brides” took place at Filene’s Basement. An event which has thousands of brides and their friends and families wait overnight out in front of the store until the opening at 8am, in hopes of finding the “perfect” designer dress at 90% off the regular price! Absolute insanity at its finest.

A bridal party all dressed up and ready to "run"

4) The outdoor patio emerges. Last week the patios were open and brave New Yorkers sat outside desperate for a little Vitamin D.

5) Dog Poop. It is everywhere. Apparently irresponsible dog owners/walkers across the city think that when their dog poops in the snow that it is going to magically disappear when the snow melts. Not true. Shit happens and it stays there. I really wish that these lazy crap heads (pun intended) would pick up after their dogs, it makes the rest of us responsible dog owners look bad!!

6) The return of the ballet flat. The good people of Manhattan have been dying to take off their boots. The signs of spring include putting away the Uggs and reaching into the closet for the flats. Last week the pedicure spas were packed with optimistic New Yorker’s hoping to soon be able to show off their feet.

Bye bye Uggs, make way for the ballet flat

7) Massive Sales. All winter clothing and boots are on sale. It is a fabulous time to go shopping, if only those Christmas bills weren’t still coming in 😉

And finally, the playgrounds were packed again. Children who have been suffering from cabin fever were out in full force riding bikes and scooters to the park. It is wonderful to hear the screams of delight and peals of laughter.

Happy children at the playground

Burning off some energy!

Oh… Mother Nature you are one cruel tease, just when we were easing back into the beauty of such deliciously warm weather you took it back with a vengeance. On Friday over night the temps dropped and on Saturday we woke up to mitten and hat weather again. We could handle it because the sun was shining soo brightly.

Fun in Washington Square Park

But then, today, we woke up to this:

Snowy View of Central Park West

Snow. I know it is pretty and that I (being from a city like Ottawa) should know that winter is not nearly over at the end of February, but I couldn’t help being a bit depressed. I liked the bright sun and warmer temps. Maybe I am losing my Canadian edge and becoming a New Yorker after all 😉 Mother Nature, can you please pinky swear that Spring is coming back soon… pretty please?  Thanks. In the meantime, I am bringing the boots back out. Ugh.

American Museum of Natural History

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