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So many simple things to find beauty in today. A kickass ride for a treasured soul, sunshine, conversations, spring beauty, thoughtful friends, time to breathe…

Here are a few things that made me smile. I hope you find your own little peice of sunshine today 💜









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It was a bit of a struggle bus this morning as I pounded 8 miles of Central Park. The sun was shining, everything is blooming, other runners are out in full force-it is pretty much perfect. Except I was overdressed and my allergies were bugging me and my pace was all over the place and, and, and… That is the funny thing about running, everything can be perfect and you can still have a tough day on the road. 

But, I did it. 8 miles. I am training again, back in the game. Moving forward. Doing it. I am out there. Ottawa, I am coming for you!! 😀 

A BIG thank you to Jessica who dragged my butt through the last four. Gotta love my amazing running partners/girlfriends.  I am one lucky lady. 

Get out there today and do something that is going to kick your butt just a bit, you can do it!! Happy Wednesday! Play nice and always remember to chose kindness. Xox 


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Spring, you didn’t forget us!! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, buds are bursting, people are sneezing, the sun is warm and spring is making an appearance. You never know what curve balls life may throw at you or where the adventure may take you but there is comfort in the seasons. No matter how long the winter, the beauty and colors of spring are bursting throughout the city. Take a deep breath, one foot at a time and find peace in new beginnings. Be well my friends. Here is a bit of color to brighten your day! 



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Well, hello April… I am still wearing gloves and bulky sweaters but today is sunny and on my walk with the D-dawg there were definitely signs of spring. I had to search for them but they were there! Hope you enjoy the pics- happy April, have a wonderful day =)









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This winter sure is stubborn. Waking up to temperatures hovering around freezing is getting really old. At least today there was no wind, in fact the weather network described it as calm. Definitely a step in the right direction. I went for a short, slow run in the park today and instead of sticking to the road, I was drawn toward the beauty of the reservoir. The sun was beaming down and it actually felt like it was warming up the pathway. Central Park is ready to just burst into bloom. Any day now, at least that is what I tell myself as I grumble and groan and search for gloves 😉 We are all ready. Here are some pics of the reservoir, I hope you enjoy them and can grab a bit of sunshine for yourself. Have a great day! xo








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Yesterday was the first day of Spring. Here in NYC, we had our last (it better be!!) winter storm. I don’t think there was a single person that was happy about it, no matter how pretty it looked. Nice in December, not so nice at the end of March. If it snows in April I am taking R’s advice and moving to Hawaii 😉 As I walked to my INDOOR cycling class I was drawn to all the bikes parked on the side of the street, ready for action but covered in snow. Hopeful, yet a wee bit depressing at the same time. It has been a VERY long winter for most of us and like the bikes we are all ready to get our spring on if only the weather would co-operate! Here’s hoping to a weekend of melting, thawing and warming… Happy Saturday everyone. Enjoy the pics.

IMG_8402 IMG_8403 IMG_8404 IMG_8405 IMG_8406 IMG_8407 IMG_8408 IMG_8409 IMG_8410 IMG_8411 IMG_8413 IMG_8414 IMG_8415

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Today was that day when I didn’t have to think about how many layers I had to put on. I did not shiver and grumble all the way to the park. My nose was not cold. It didn’t hurt to breathe. I did not wear a hat. I did not slip on any patches of ice. 

I DID bask in the sunshine. I DID hear the birds singing. I DID see tons of other runners. I DID blast some awesome tunes. 

The snow is melting, the weather is perfect and my run this morning felt wonderful. The city is coming awake, slowly stretching out of hibernation. Bring it on!! Happy Wednesday my friends!! 🙂

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