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One of the things both Ron and I have missed since moving to NYC is entertaining friends. It is a bit harder to do in Manhattan without the added advantage of a backyard, basement, large kitchen or well, you know, extra space, period. We still have friends over and we have tackled both Canadian and American Thanksgiving,  but we have yet to do a cocktail party. So, when my friend Meilan and I started talking about a holiday party to celebrate our friends during this crazy season I immediately got super excited about the idea and said “Let’s do it!!”.

Meilan and I conspiring... What could possible go wrong??!! 😉

We decided that the perfect party for our mom friends would be a holiday brunch during the week, so the majority of the gals would not have to worry about childcare as the kids would be in school. Meilan and I wanted a chance for our friends to get together, eat good food, treat themselves to a glass of bubbly and be able to mingle and chat about other things besides their husbands, children and the school. We asked everyone to bring a small plate of food to share and basically to just come on out and enjoy some time to relax among a great group of interesting, intelligent and fun women.

Meilan working her magic in the kitchen. Wow, that woman can cook and bake up a storm!

We hosted the event at my apartment and Meilan and I soon realized that we were a great team. While she worked her magic in the kitchen- incredible quiches, caramel monkey bread (!!) and other divine baked goods, I cleaned the apartment, organized the table and made sure that the logistical stuff was taken care of- coats, first drinks etc. We also had the incredible good fortune to have my friend and former student Chantal visiting who not only cut and diced like a pro also made the guests feel at ease AND best of all did dishes!!! Have I mentioned lately how much I adore Chantal?!

Chantal and I =)

Setting the table with tons of yummy goodies!

I absolutely LOVED co-hosting this party with Meilan. The spread of food was unbelievable, it certainly kicked off the whole eating for the holidays. Good thing we are still running! Also, it reminded me just how much I love getting good friends together to celebrate the beauty of friendship. I feel very fortunate to have met these great women over the past year and a half. Truth is, last year at this time I am not sure I would have been able to host this party as I was just getting adjusted to NYC and recently meeting all these fabulous ladies. I feel lucky to have found such a great group of mamas. This time of year is a time for reflection and I can’t help but reflect on how although the big move to Manhattan has had its ups and downs, we have been very fortunate to weigh heavily on the up side.

For the gift of friendship, I am blessed.

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