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There is something very depressing that happens in NYC during the first couple of weeks of January. I will call it the Christmas tree dump. As you walk down the streets, undecorated trees are cast aside to the curb looking bleak and sad. A reminder that the holidays are truly over. Sigh. We are having a cold snap in NYC right now. The temperatures are bitterly cold with a wind chill that makes you wish for the suburbs with garages and heated car seats. So, today, I braved frost bite, took off the gloves and snapped a few pics of the abandoned trees left at the curbs. And then promptly hustled back to the apartment to get warm and snuggle with this guy:


I will try and remain positive and look at the trees as a reminder of a fabulous holiday and to look forward at all of the amazing adventures in the year ahead. And hey, the dogs definitely like all of the trees lying around 😉

Hope you are all having a wonderful day. Stay warm and find some time for your own cozy snuggles!

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