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I am doing something scary in 2011, I am heading back into the kitchen.  In a bid to become healthier, lose a bit of weight and save some money I am going to actually use my NYC kitchen, as a… wait for it… kitchen. This may sound strange to some, but many kitchens in Manhattan are rarely used for actual cooking. I have been to an apartment where the kitchen space is soo tiny that the occupant uses the kitchen as an extra closet.  This is not a joke.

It is very hard to be motivated to actually make meals in New York City.  There are too many options that easily let you avoid the kitchen entirely. Including an abundance of great restaurants offering take-out and delivery as well as a large selection of yummy prepared foods at all of the local grocery stores. Is it any wonder that the only items in one of my male friend’s fridge are limes, orange juice and vodka in the freezer?

I have decided that we are going to change our ways. We are going to try and limit our take-out and delivery habits.  I am cracking open the cookbooks, well, using my ipad (let’s embrace technology) and am planning weekly menus.  Yep, this is really happening. Last week we only ate out once, ironically, because we were stuck across town at the Container Store looking for ways to clean out and organize the pantry, and everyone was hungry (cranky) and needed food NOW!!

I am not going to pretend that this is going to be easy for me. I am not one who loves experimenting with cooking, I don’t even really like to cook. In fact, if I had millions and millions of dollars one of the first things I would spend it on would be a personal chef. The dreaded question for me (and every other mom or person in charge of the meals) is “What’s for dinner?”. I do not have that special flare where I can just “whip something up”.  I need to follow a recipe, step by step. I need to lay out the ingredients, I need to plan ahead. Sometimes I actually have to call for back up (look up something on the internet). And, you should definitely not enter my kitchen mid-prep OR comment on the mess…

But hey, I am doing it! Why? Because it is healthier for me, the family, our budget. And… if I put on Akon radio (yes, AKON!) and dance around a bit (sorry people looking in from other apartments) creating something the family likes to eat, I feel a bit of joy and pride… just don’t tell anyone, okay?

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