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I have to do 6 weeks of O/T on my pinky. Yes, you read that right, on my pinky. A couple of weeks ago I was at R’s baseball game and a foul ball was coming at my head. I used my hand to shield my head and well, let’s just say that the finger that stopped the ball wasn’t too happy and came out at a very odd angle. A bad dislocation and other tendon issues that I barely understand have sent me to O/T to get everything fully functioning as it should be.
So, that is why today I started off my day in a ‘hood that I normally don’t hang out in. Times Square is actually quite pleasant on a weekday morning. The crazy crowds have not yet gathered and the hustle and bustle of people going to work, combined with the ever present lights offer just enough excellent distraction and people watching. Here are a couple of pics I took this morning. I look forward to getting out and exploring a new place a couple of times a week and of course, doing numerous hand exercises 😉
Have a wonderful day!



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