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I have to do 6 weeks of O/T on my pinky. Yes, you read that right, on my pinky. A couple of weeks ago I was at R’s baseball game and a foul ball was coming at my head. I used my hand to shield my head and well, let’s just say that the finger that stopped the ball wasn’t too happy and came out at a very odd angle. A bad dislocation and other tendon issues that I barely understand have sent me to O/T to get everything fully functioning as it should be.
So, that is why today I started off my day in a ‘hood that I normally don’t hang out in. Times Square is actually quite pleasant on a weekday morning. The crazy crowds have not yet gathered and the hustle and bustle of people going to work, combined with the ever present lights offer just enough excellent distraction and people watching. Here are a couple of pics I took this morning. I look forward to getting out and exploring a new place a couple of times a week and of course, doing numerous hand exercises 😉
Have a wonderful day!



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Today I, (plus Jess and R & T) braved the crowds and headed to Super Bowl Boulevard in midtown. It was pretty insane. Crowds and crowds of people were waiting on lines to see the Vince Lombardi trophy, kick a field goal, go down a toboggan run and well, you were pretty much going to have to wait in a huge line to do anything. I just wanted to check out the vibe. It was pretty cool. Even though the sidewalks were tough to walk through, most people were pretty easy going and content to just check out the sights. There were fans from both teams sporting their colors and cheering. There did seem to be more Seahawk fans than Broncos… I wonder what the stadium will look like?

I am glad that I took the time to check out this awesome event going on in our city, even if we did have to bribe the kids with M&M’s to have them tolerate walking through another crowd to get a picture 😉 Good luck to both teams tomorrow. Super Bowl mania is officially in NYC and we are loving it!!!














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Today I had to suck it up and brave going to Times Square to go to ToysRUs. R’s birthday is rapidly approaching and there is one thing that she wanted that could ONLY be found at ToysRUs. So, because I am such an amazing mom, I braced myself with caffeine (should have been a shot of tequila), hopped on the subway and headed to Times Square. I was there just before the store opened and was already amazed by how many tourists were out and about. My visit to midtown lasted all of 45 minutes- stealth- in and out, no ferris wheel rides, pics with characters etc. but I did snap a few shots of what Times Square looks like on a summer morning in July. Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful Wednesday!!

Can’t wait for this movie!

Rotating advertising

Showing some patriotic spirit!

Coffee among the billboards

Updated news stories scrolling…

More love for the Red, White and Blue

Traffic and more traffic- Taxi!

A little Lion King

More Street Views

Standing on line for discount Broadway tickets- whoa, that is a LONG line already!!

Distracted by shiny objects!

Oh, la, la!

Always looking up!

Take a little piece home with you

Lining up to the get the perfect shot 😉

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