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We had a wonderful holiday here at home in NYC. If you are staying home for the holidays and not jetting away to some fabulous fun adventure, NYC is not a bad city to be stuck in 😉 We had a relaxing, stress free Christmas and New Year with some much needed family time. Here are some of my favorite pics from the past couple of weeks. Hope you enjoy them and are having a fantastic start to 2013!!



























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As you know we had a bit of a rough week last week, losing the Bo-man. So, it was perfect timing that we had a last minute trip to Florida planned. All four of us needed a bit of time away and some quality family time to re-group, relax and unwind. We did just that. Under the beautiful sunny skies of Orlando, we swam, read, drank, ate, slept, spun around, flew upside down, laughed and caught up with one another. It was perfect. Here are some of my favorite pics from our weekend away. Hope you are all enjoying the happiness and renewal that comes with Spring, happy, happy Wednesday =)

Why hello palm trees

Poolside drinks 🙂

Techno geeks on the balcony

Balcony sunset

Ron and the girls on their morning run

Off to the next adventure!

Nothing like a cold, refreshing butter beer 😉

Cat in the Hat

And to think it all happened on Mulberry Street

Catching a wave…


The hand of Poseidon

Until next time…

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A sunny walk in Riverside Park

It is February and with is comes the feeling of blah. Even though the days are getting longer and it is the shortest calendar month, it always seems like February is a tough month to slog through. This winter in NYC has been a tough one, very cold days and lots of snow. I am told that it is an unusual winter. To me, it just seems like winter. And February is the month when we all complain about the fact that winter is still here, the snow is no longer pretty but turning a lovely shade of grey/black (especially in NYC) and that we are sick and tired of wearing coats, boots, hats and sweaters. February is the month where we find ourselves daydreaming of flip flops, umbrella drinks and dinner on a patio. Is it any wonder that most people head off for a warm vacation at this time of year?

It is during these February days that I tend to get a little, well… blah. I find myself getting into a bit of a funk- focusing more on the negative than the positive. This bothers me and I feel like a need a bit of a shake up. So, over the past couple of days I have decided to focus on the little things that matter. The simplest of things that make a day better. Here are a few of the small things that have made me smile over the last couple of days.

*the perfect cup of tea and the time to finish it while reading “People” magazine

*finding a new t.v. show that I can’t stop watching, because it is just that good- “The Good Wife”

*feeling the warmth of the sun on your back while taking the dogs for a walk in the park

*hearing your youngest daughter start to read her first words outloud

*hearing your oldest daughter say that “she is beginning to love math”- whose daughter IS she?? 😉

*a text from a faraway friend

*no line at Trader Joe’s

*a shared smile with a stranger

*A & R fighting over who has the best gym teacher and realizing that they are really starting to feel at home

*walking down the street and not seeing a single other person, a rarity in NYC

*snuggle time on the couch

*two dogs that lie at your feet while you are typing on the keyboard

*laughing with a friend until your stomach hurts at inappropriate cards and books at B&N

*meeting new friends for coffee

*telephone conversations with old friends

*Big sis reading a bedtime story to little sis

*looking forward to a weekend of hanging out with the family

Because sometimes it is just the tiniest of moments that make your realize how truly lucky you are. Have a fabulous weekend =)

A reading to R

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This past weekend, the last weekend before Christmas, I vowed that I would NOT get caught up in the insanity of last minute shopping, crowds of people clamouring for their Starbucks coffee and throngs of tourists blocking the sidewalks.  Instead, I spent most of the weekend warm and cozy in our decorated apartment, Christmas music playing softly in the background while we baked cookies and wrapped gifts.  I think we all needed a bit of time for some rest.

Initially, I didn’t think that we would be able to just chill out and relax this weekend. We had not taken the girls to see Santa Claus and they were very worried, as they had not written a letter to Santa or been to see him and were concerned that Santa would not know what they would like for Christmas.  As curious as I was to go and see the amazing Macy’s Santa Land, I was also dreading getting up early on Saturday morning to beat the crowds and long waits to see the BIG guy.  Luckily for us, Santa visited the lobby of our apartment building on Friday night and the girls happily sat down and shared some quality time with him.  No wait, no rush, no screaming children.  Bliss.

Santa and A, sharing a laugh together!

R having a very serious discussion with Santa

I took this as a sign that we were supposed to engage in as little craziness as possible on the weekend.  On Saturday morning we all happily got dressed in our comfy clothes, one step above p.j.’s, and lazed about watching classic Christmas movies, reading and enduring the very tough task of testing Christmas cookies.  I also finished wrapping the presents… I am not sure what I will do with myself on the 23rd when I am usually up late hunched over the gifts cursing scotch tape and hard to wrap gifts.

R making cookie dough- notice Dopey is helping too!!

The Cookie Testers!!

Now, I do have to admit that later on that day, I did have to find something Manhattan worthy to wear and leave the apartment.  A couple of my good friends here in the city were having Birthday parties and I headed out to enjoy the festivities.  I joined the crowds on the subway and headed into midtown for a night on the town. The first party I went to was at a fabulous Cuban restaurant called Guantanamera.  There is nothing better for escaping the winter weather on a cold NYC night than ducking into a bustling Cuban restaurant filled with amazing music, fabulous mojitos and delicious food.  Not to mention the excellent company of good friends.

Live Entertainment

Happy Birthday Carol!!

Full of food and good cheer we made our way over to a new bar called Industry where we met up with some gorgeous men to continue the night of birthday celebrations by toasting the lovely Eric. I have to admit I headed home relatively early, craving some much needed sleep.  The next day was filled with church, more cookies, chilling out and dinner ordered in.  All very civilized, relaxing and exactly the recharge that this girl needed to get through the insanity of this fun-filled action packed holiday week.  Enjoy the holiday season and remember, a little dash of Bailey’s in your coffee never hurt anyone ;)!

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