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Things are a little bit crazy lately, I mean really, when are they not? Life in general moves at a pretty insane pace. Not that I am complaining. It is all good. Ron is traveling a lot, the girls have activities, school work, testing, the 1/2 marathon approaches, as does the the auction, the list goes on… It is during all this insanity that I really feel that we are truly at home here. After almost two years of living in NYC, it really does finally feel like we live here and are not just caught up in a whirlwind vacation of some sort 😉 This is home. This past weekend we took a family walk in Riverside Park, the weather was gorgeous and we were just enjoying being out. It was great to just have some relaxing moments with the family. I captured a picture of the girls looking out over the water. ‘A’ turned to me and said “You know what I am looking at mom, I am am looking at home”. My heart felt warm and there was a feeling of peace. Home. Perfection.

Dopey Dog taking a time out in a puddle!

Soldier And Sailor Monument

Sun is setting over the water

Beautiful Riverside Park


Home =)

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