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Yes, we all suffered through the incredibly loooooong and cold winter and now it seems that spring is finally here to stay. This past weekend in NYC, it was one of those truly glorious weekends where the temperatures were warm and the sun was shining. The whole city seemed to awaken and greet the day with a new found energy and positive outlook. Even a couple of spontaneous rain showers could not dampen the spirit. I like to think of these weekends as the honeymoon stage. Before we start grumbling about how hot, muggy and sticky the weather is and how crowded with tourists the streets are, New Yorkers get out and really enjoy the city. We fall in love again with the beauty of our gorgeous metropolis as it glistens under a perfect blue sky.


Central Park is full of people lounging on the great lawn, dogs being walked along the paths, runners tracking miles in loops and trees in full bloom. The streets are crowded with young lovers walking hand in hand. Outdoor patios are teeming to the brink with people happily catching rays and sipping on expensive drinks. Playgrounds are filled with children running and laughing. The city is alive and it just feels good. Like a big sigh of relief and a sense of renewal. In this city you feed off the energy and you can do anything.


Although I am looking forward to the end of the school year and the lazy hazy days of summer, I have really come to appreciate the perfect spring weekend in Manhattan. When you wake up and the sun is shining, the city really is yours for the taking with so many options to explore and adventures that are waiting. It is this sense of excitement about the city that still makes me appreciate how lucky I am. Go forth and grab on to your latest adventure… There will be time to complain about the smell of urine and lack of adequate air conditioning later on 😉 Happy Monday and happy Spring Honeymoon New Yorkers!


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