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it has been five years since we made the move to NYC. And what an adventure it has been and continues to be! The girls started 8th and 5th grade today, the oldest kids in each of their schools. Time sure is flying by!

Today, I also found a pic of them from 5 years ago when they excitedly held hands and started a new school together in a new hometown. Sniff.

Slow down a bit time, I need to cherish these moments. Hope all the kiddos and teachers heading back this week have a wonderful start. And to my own lovebugs- you’ve got this!

Happy Wednesday πŸ˜€



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Back To School Shopping Finally Done!!

Obligatory First Day of School Sister Photo

Walking the Mean Streets of NYC to School πŸ˜‰

Nervous parents and students hanging out in the playground

Now, it's time for a nap OR a two day holiday... gotta love NYC!

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