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Today is the official last day of school for the girls or as they like to say- the official first day of summer! The DOE scheduled a crazy half day of school today after two days off and I gave the girls the option to go or not. They both chose to go as they wanted to squeeze in one last good-bye to their friends (the remaining ones that would be there) as well as their incredible teachers. They both LOVED their teachers this year. I can’t blame them, they lucked out on the teacher lottery and had top notch teachers. In fact, we had been pretty fortunate at our spectacular NYC public school. As much as the education system is intense and insane here (a rant for a different post) the teachers at our school are truly some of the best. But alas, another year has ended and I can’t believe how fast my daughters are growing up. Here are a few pics from the last day. Hope you are all enjoying the start of summer!!! Happy Wednesday xo

Frist Day of School- September

Last Day of School- June

A walk in the rain…

A stroll in the sun…

Last day of First Grade *sniff*

Last day of 4th- next year is her last year before middle school- how did that happen??!!

Dopey photobombing!

Sisterly Love

Happy Summer!

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