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Okay, I realized today that I may have a small obsession/addiction to having things delivered to my apartment.  I came to this realization when the dog food delivery arrived at my door by FedEx.  Now, in my defence, dog food really is one of those things that you cannot go out and buy in Manhattan.  It is not exactly easy to schlep home two 35 pound bags of dog food through the mean streets of NYC.  Maybe that is why most people have dogs that are small enough to carry around in purses… hmmm… guess it is a little late for that =) Anyhoo, back to the dog food delivery.  I was very pleased with myself that it arrived and I would not have to carry it any further than to the closet.  Although, when ordering I must have forgotten that I live in a small Manhattan apartment, because I ask you this, where the hell am I going to store this much dog food????

Apparently the Dogs will NOT be going hungry this winter!!

As I was unpacking the dog food I started thinking about the other things that I had delivered this week- workbooks for the girls from Amazon, new shoes from Zappos (these arrived within 24 hours), a gift from Disney and of course, my groceries from Fresh Direct. It was all incredibly easy.  My addiction continues… And it is not even frowned upon.  EVERYONE in NYC is doing it.  I have to say that it is one of the perks that I am loving about living in New York.  And, since we live in a doorman building you don’t even have to be home to receive your deliveries, they magically appear at the apartment door.  With the Holidays fast approaching and the thought of jam packed stores and the Christmas rush I can only see this addiction continuing.  I can avoid the crowds, sip on a cup of tea, click away on the computer and voila! the parcels will appear at my door.  Yikes, someone better hide my credit card!!!

Oh, and it is Friday, my AVOID making dinner day, so soon I will be perusing through the delivery menus to figure out what we will be having for dinner.  It is is a good thing I have to walk everywhere to do everything else, because this kind of lifestyle could make one start being very lazy 😉  Now, if only Starbucks would start delivering…

The Delivery Menus

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