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One of the things I love the most about living in NYC is getting to see the reactions of people experiencing Manhattan for the first time. It really is an awe- inspiring place with so much to see and do it is impossible to even scratch the surface on a three day trip. My former high school where I taught at, Gloucester High School, arrived last Thursday and did their very best to squeeze in as many activities as possible in three days. I would say that they were incredibly successful! I can only imagine that there were some pretty tired kids and some worn out feet on the bus ride home =) It was wonderful to be able to spend some time with a great group of teens and some cherished friends. There really is nothing better than getting lost in the energy and excitement of the chatter about New York, it reminds me of how truly lucky I am to live in such a special place. Thanks for letting me hang out with you- GHS music gang, you are an awesome group and you also made me remember how fortunate I was to teach at the beyond awesome GHS. Go Gators! (Here are just a few pics from their MANY adventures, I could barely keep up!)

View of the Statue of Liberty from the Staten Island Ferry

Stopping for some refreshments at Georgetown Cupcake- YUMMY!

Tough time to be in New York when you are from Ottawa =(

The beautiful foyer of Radio City Music Hall

Now that's a stage!

The NFL Draft in progress while we were at Radio City Music Hall

GHS Performance on the USS Intrepid. Wow! What an experience!

Fighter aircraft in the background, no big deal 😉

Come back and visit soon!

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Today on the first day of Fall, my parents and I visited one of NYC’s wonderful tourist sights, The Intrepid Museum.  Enjoy the photo montage.

I believe it actually says "Beware of Jet Blasts"

Awww... Mom and Dad

The Majestic Intrepid 1943-1974

I don't know where Tom Cruise is, but I found my Tomcat! (F-14)


View of Midtown Manhattan from the flight deck

The Concorde and the Cruise Ship Parked "next door" to the the Intrepid

The Bell for De-Commission

"Requesting a Fly By..."

"Where'd who go??" (A little military presence, President Obama is in town today)

A spectacular day, indeed...

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