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So, when the weather people start calling winter the “polar vortex” I guess it is serious right?? Or maybe it is just a slow news period. Hard to tell, but yes, it has been pretty damn cold. The first week of January in NYC has brought snow, wicked fierce winds and frigid temperatures. Kind of makes me miss the days of hopping from my heated house into my heated car with heated seats… the key word here being heated 😉 And NOT walking everywhere in the cold. But enough with the whining, after all, it is just winter, so let’s suck it up and tough it out or hibernate…

Here is what it looks like today in NYC:

Frozen dog pee and other liquids are dotting the sidewalks…


The snow is well, not exactly fresh…


The ghosts of Christmas past line the streets…


You have to bundle up like this to walk anywhere…


Hibernating in Starbucks sitting in the sun is definitely the preferred way to pass the time…


And when you go home Ricola has kindly sent you a care package to deal with the season- Thanks Ricola and Klout Perks!!


Yep, it is kind of hard not to start daydreaming about this:


Ahh January, it’s all good… we still love you so- a new year, a new outlook and all that positive energy! Happy Wednesday my friends, I suggest warm drinks and lots of snuggles to get you through this cold front. My companion is waiting for me…


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I find that I do some of my best thinking when I go for a nice long walk. There is nothing like a little time to yourself, wandering aimlessly and getting lost in your own thoughts. January in NYC, can be a little bit depressing and gloomy. The holiday lights are all taken down, bare, forgotten Christmas trees line the sidewalks waiting for pick up and the snowless winter weather is usually cold and windy. Think of the empty parks on the set of “Law & Order” 😉

An empty sidewalk

An empty sidewalk


Buildings under the grey skies of winter

All of that being said it is also one of my favorite times to re-connect with the city. The streets are a little bit emptier as people tend to hide indoors and tourists choose warmer destinations. So, the other night while the girls were at an activity, instead of chilling out at a Starbucks or pretending I am hip enough to hang at The Ace Hotel, I took the opportunity to go for a walk. I had no clear destination in mind and just set off across 32nd Street. Soon I found myself in the heart of Koreatown. Dusk was just settling upon the city and a sprinkle of rain was starting to fall.  The mist of the rain was glowing off the many flashing lights. Dodging rain drops and people I weaved my way through the Karaoke Bar heavy streets and continued on my way to 5th Avenue.




The Paris Baguette in the middle of Koreatown


Oh la, la… Better keep walking!

As I wandered down 5th, in the lightly sprinkling rain I couldn’t help but realize that this was why I truly love NYC. Every street is different and has it’s own energy, charm and hidden treasures. It is almost like there is a story that is waiting to be written on every block. As I walked,  I could feel my mood lighten. Sometimes I seem to forget how cleansing a walk is. Good for the soul. I guess it can be hard to imagine that a walk in all the hustle and bustle can be relaxing but it truly is. It is like letting yourself get caught up in a wave and letting it take you on its path (just make sure you are not trying to be the only salmon swimming upstream!).


Lighting up the dusk


You never know what you may find!

Side view of the Flatiron Building

Side view of the Flatiron Building

Where am I going with this post? Good question- HA! I guess, in this, a new year, I am just trying to be healthier and happier all round. Getting my head and heart in the right place. I am reminding myself to do the things I love and to take a little bit of extra time to be truly present in what I am doing. A walk in the city I love, to clear the head and re-connect on so many levels seems like a good start to me. Take some time and connect with something you love too.

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