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For those of you who know me, you know that I am a huge procrastinator and can be easily distracted by even the smallest of things. We moved to NYC, see the problem? As soon as I walk out of my apartment in the morning, I quickly forget what I am doing as there is soo much to look at, see and do.  But, I digress.  My mission today was to do some back to school shopping for the girls while they were at camp and would not drive me crazy with the constant “can I have…?”.  So, I set out, determined to get things done.

Back in Ottawa, there are malls where one goes to get back to school clothes.  You wander through the mall, popping in and out of various stores, back and forth, buying different items.  NYC, not so much.  There are stores EVERYWHERE but there is no such thing as a mega mall. I decided that I would head on down to Macy’s (at Herald Square) because I reasoned that they would have a large selection of clothes.  As I got off the subway, I took a wrong turn and ended up in front of JCPenney.  In I went… huge selection of children’s clothes but I soon realized my big mistake of shopping without the kids. While it was nice and relaxing and whine free, I had no idea what would actually fit them. As a kindly woman said to me “It is like going shoe shopping without bringing your feet”.  Right.  Epic Fail.

I decided that I would view my adventure as a recon mission for future weekend with the hubby and the girls to make things go more efficiently and headed on over to Macy’s.  In I walked and was blinded by the purses. It is a woman’s dream come true- rows and rows of beautifully layed out handbags.  I tried to keep my eye on my goal but I just couldn’t resist the wonderful colours and the smell of leather.

A girl can look, can't she?

And is it really my fault that the children’s clothes are on the same floor as the women’s shoes?  I tried to resist, I really did but the escalator was right there!

Dr. Seuss Converse- Educational, no?

In the end, I did manage to remember that I was supposed to be ‘looking’ for the kids and that I had numerous other errands to attend to like ordering dog food, writing my first blog post, getting thank you cards etc.  So, I took the incredibly cool wooden escalator down to the main floor and managed to escape into the searing heat without buying a single thing. (The MAC lip gloss does not count)


Macy's Lobby from the escalator

My plan for tomorrow is to go out and buy school supplies, a job that does not require the children to actually be present.  Hopefully I will not be distracted by something more interesting.  I mean what else more exciting could possibly be happening on this little Island of Manhattan? Excuse me, I just remembered there is a shiny pair of rain boots I want to order online.  What?  There is a hurricane coming, right?

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